Drag Dominates at Dolloween

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

You're about to read a fairly wishy-washy piece that's being written stream of concious with a minor hangover. The hangover is well worth it, because last Thursday night I got to experience a rare and joyus feeling that I wasn't expecting.

Cathing you up to speed, "the Queens are Quarelling," and then the "Queens Quest to Quench" our thirst for the ultimate show… They delievered. Mimi Imfurst culled together a horde of Philly's finest queens for a one night only revue/ cabaret style show.  MISTY MAVEN, NAVAYA SHAY, OMYRA LYNN, THE GODDESS ISIS, SATINE HARLOW, BROOKLYN FORD, LADY POISON. MARIA TOP CAT, AIDA SNATCHWELL, IRIS SPECTRE, ZSA ZSA ST. JAMES, ANITA MANHATTAN, LUNA LAVEY, ANN ARTIST, SERENA STARR, EMILY VALENTINE, THE HOUSE OF HAM, FRANKY'S FOXES, SINFUL SUNDAYS, and the CAST OF DRAG WARS 6 each took their turn flaunting their best halloween numbers for a PACKED house!

While each queen brought something fierce to the stage, the Grade A moments of the night:


  • Franky's Foxes continue to dominate with syncroniztion and innovation 
  • Mimi rocked a 1 foot tall jeweled art piece on her head
  • The girls of Drag Arena got a taste of their own medicine when they were asked to Lip Sync Battle to a song they hadn't prepared
  • Iris Spectre continues to take Drag to a new Level (Seriously, get this kid to RuPaul!)
  • Goddess Isis rocked Bald Queen, my personal favorite look.
  • Navaya Shay put together an AMAZING Death Becomes Her Candalabra costume 
  • Brooklyn Ford naild her makeup creating an illusion of muscles structure on her face
  • Satine Harlow can sing!? Why have I never heard this before! 
  • Haus of Ham debuted another original song (YASSS for creativity!)

But back to that feeling I mentioned earlier… Every person in the audience was there to support every queen. There were no rivalries, no fights, just a jovial celebratory night in honor of the best fall holiday. Hallo-fucking-ween! Now if only we could get a show like this more often…?



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