I’ll take you to my Candy Shoppe

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Drag overload latley? Not enough Peen in your life? Good news, La Dolce Spina (and Josh Schoenwolf) have whipped up a batch of tasty (eye) candy for you to sink your teeth into this Sunday at Candy Shoppe!

You may have heard of La Dolce Spina as the Hula-Hooping Boylesque Star, who has made a huge name for himself in one-year of performing in Philadelphia. He's won the second season of Mr. Everything, beating out 18 contestants of all backgrounds, and he's become one of the stars of Bearlesque, constantly being booked all over the place. Well, here we go! Dolce is getting his very own show! Josh Schonewolf Presents: Candy Shoppe, Sunday November 15th at Franky Bradley's. We obviously couldn't have this show without some seriously amazing performers that will help this fantasy come to life! A Cotton Candy Machine, Candy-Flavored Drinks, and Glitter everywhere is what you can expect at Franky Bradley's (around 9pm… it's a Josh show, you can assume 9:20 at the earliest). Plus tons of other surprises intermixed with performances by: Ariel Versace, Mistor Fahrenheit, Sharp Robert, Aurora Whorealis, Mora Love, Cameron Catastrophe
and Abowla Dix!  The star, La Dolce Spina is a unique creation, I asked him to elaborate on himself…

"…La Dolce Spina is a burlesque performer and a visual performance artist. He is all about creating a new scene and feel on stage. He gets a lot of his inspiration from electronic dance music artists, trying to set the stage to make it more than just a person on stage taking their clothes off. It's a process. Dolce will work on a number up to 4 months before he puts it on stage. Something else that's visually appealing other than just that… Candy Shoppe has a very unique, diverse lineup. I want diversity, always, in everything I do. It's what makes something exciting to me. It keeps things fresh and different. Candy Shoppe will literally have the aroma of candy in the air all night. I want to create a nice, comfy, intimate atmosphere where people can come relax and see a good show. 

Some come out to Franky Bradley's for the sweet taste of La Dolce Spina in Candy Shoppe. More information on the show here.

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