The Beauty of Borgata + Water Club!

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar


I rarley leave the city, I get busy with it's endless stream of entertainment and new resturants, so when I was offered the oppurtunity to check out The Water Club @ Borgata, I jumped on it faster than you'd think possible!  GPhilly recently set up an "Out at Borgata" event complete with Happy Hour that led up to Alan Cumming's Cabaret… I actually got to hang out with Alan ALL night! You can read about that here.

But back to my stay at The Water Club… I arrived at noon and my room was ready (winning!) I was greeted with the most relaxed lobby I have ever experienced. The sound and sight of running water was around every corner and I was loving it. The front desk was courteous and seemed genuinely excited to welcome me. I was given a room on the 27th floor and let me tell you, walking to this room was like walking into heaven. I have such a soft spot for the color combonation of blue and brown, this room seemed to be made for me. Soft blue bedding next to brown, wood grain night tables and various leather decor. After recharging my batteries (both physically and digitally) I met up with Bernie and Michael. They covered a lot of facts about TWC and Borgata, but my favorite was one they were most excited about, they recently earned an HRC (Human Rights Campaign) score of a perfect 100, a score attained by few.  

Then it was time for a not so quick tour of the entire resort. I found out Borgata translates to "village" and this is seriously one HUGE village, infact, it's the top grossing casino AND largest hotel in all of New Jersey. I questioned the ease of leaving this resort to head to the main strip of AC's boardwalk, and my tour guides questioned why I'd want to leave… with 11 resturants, 3 entertainment venues, 4 pools, 2 spas, 2 night clubs and more options to gamble than any other casino, it was best for me to stay put. My tour guides were right, in my 40 hours on the resort I never once found myself yearning for anything else. 

After my tour, I headed to one of the countless bars scattered around the casino floor for G Philly's Happy Hour. I was quickly introduced to Liza, a head honcho when it comes to Marketing the Borgata. She seemed over joyed to have so many homo's grace her presence. While we sipped specialty cocktails, The fabulous Liz DuFour, a staple at many local piano bars, provided her talents throughout the early evening. After 1 too many drinks, I grabbed a noodle bowl at N.O.W. (Noodles of the World) and went back to my room to freshen up for the Show.

I poured myself a glass (well, coffee mug) of wine (A $15 bottle I bought on site… how awesome!) and walked down towards The Music Box to take in Alan Cumming (again, full review here), the venue space was great, not a bad seat in the house!

After the show I thought it best if I check out their on site club, mur.mur. If I'm being 100% honest, it was the only place I didn't love. It was a bit too packed with South Jersey Party Girls and not filled with the Jersey Shore Dudes I was hoping for (ha!). 

The next day I woke up feeling ridiculously rested and hungry. I popped down to The Sunroom to grab breakfest before my departure, I paid for parking ($5 for the whole stay, it was amazing!).  Driving home I began to question why so many people flock to NY or DC for a get away, when less than an hour (without traffic) sits a hidden gem that's just as special, yet half the price.


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