the Bucks are Back

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You've heard me rave about Franky's Foxes, and you might remember I hyped Franky's Bucks before their last show… My hype was worth it if you ask me.  The Bucks dance troupe stepped up and left nothing off the stage as they performed for a packed house.  On 12/16…. They do it again.

'Bradley’s Bucks’ is a herd of talented, trained dancers comprised of Tommy Schimmel, Teddy Fatscher, Jonathon Melendez, and Abe Acay. Hosted by the seductive and sensational wit of Christa D’Agger and Nick Reeves.  Head Buck and choreographer Tommy Schimmel has a designed a show touching on holiday traditions that incorporate dark and gritty masculine movement. 

I spoke with a few of hte bucks to find out what makes being a buck… bucking awesome!

Teddy says,

What drives me as a performer is the ability to change the emotion and vibe in a room full of people. To be able to convey a choreographic idea through movement solely, without words and without a spoon to hand feed it. Also, being such a big part of the creative process makes it alot easier to get behind the performance.

in responce Tommy felt


What drives me as a performer is the chance to captivate a room by bringing the audience into an alternative creative world, as well as the ability to generate an audience's imagination. What I love the most about being with the bucs is it gives me a chance to challenge myself as a director as well as the chance to work with guys that I have been dancing with for awhile now, but now we have this fantastic outlet for new ideas. It is our own little company of sorts

and finally, Dave chimes in on what his favorite part of being a Buck is…


My favorite part about being a buck is working with my family, people who I have been around and dancing with for quite awhile now. It really makes a difference when you work together with people like that.

General admission is only $7, presentation of Student ID or advanced tickets will be priced at $5. Doors open at 8:30pm with show time at 9:30pm. Seats and standing room fill up quickly, so make sure to arrive early!

The night will also feature appearances and performances by Franky’s Foxes and DJ Chris Urban will be throwing it down for the after-party until close! 


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