The Orchestra isn’t Boring…

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Every December the same thing happens, you blink and the holiday season is over.  You instantly regret not visiting Christmas Village in Love Park, Ice Skating down at Penn’s Landing ]… really the list goes on and on of missed opportunities. I’ve got an event you need to take OFF the “missed opportunities list and put ON to the “Holy Crap, so glad we did this!” list. 

The Philadelphia Pops have been around for 37 seasons, but don’t let their age deter you.  This “daddy” of an orchestra has kept up with the times and offers a rejuvenated orchestral experience.  Translation? The orchestra / choir perform up beat, revamped and modernly arranged pieces. 

For years now The Pops has put together a December show entitled Christmas Spectacular, and it’s aptly named.  Over 300 performers work together to put on a show that leaves EVERYONE feeling festive and joyous. Okay, so I didn’t interview anyone post show, but there were people literally dancing in aisles!  

Helming this beast of a ship is conductor David Charles Abell. He is best known for the Les Misérables 10th and 25th Anniversary concerts and the Sondheim 80th Birthday Prom, all televised worldwide.  He’s serious talent, and serious eye candy.  He narrated a majority of the show filling gaps with “ lame" dad jokes that were actually funny, no sarcasm!  

Lead vocalist Lisa Vroman, best known for being the longest running Christine (Phantom of the Opera) nailed every song and hit notes so high I didn’t think they existed.  She was also one of the most grateful performers I’ve ever seen.  

With songs sung by the Philadelphia Boys Choir & Chorale, and the St. Thomas Gospel Choir, the show moved at a rapid pace.  Throw in a crowed sing along and I was sold on a perfect evening. 

With other special guest like Buddy the Elf, and Santa… it’s an evening not to be passed up. PLUS you can pretend your classy and say you went to the orchestra! So if your ready to ditch the bar for a night, you can find out how long the show is running here.

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