Vogue Ball Tango

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

First there was Voguing Train, Then there was The Runway Museum, And now there’s VOGUE BALL TANGO!  Kemar Jewel's third video came to life and I got to see it before the rest of the world!

Who is Kemar? A local,  uber talented director (among many other talents!) that has a unique way of incorporating the worlds of Vogue and high fashion into places you might not expect.  His first video, Voguing Train, was picked up via twitter by Huffington Post which has catapulted the video to nearly 100,000 views!   Not losing steam (train pun) Kemar got together with his extremely talented team to produce The Runway Museum.  A video piece involving the looks of high fashion and voguing in an almost magical setting

In Vogue Ball Tango by Kemar Jewel puts a new and creative spin on an old favorite by combining Cell Block Tango (from the smash-hit Broadway musical Chicago!) with the popular dance style of vogue to show audiences what happens when you mess with the wrong voguing diva! Vogue Ball Tango by Kemar Jewel features all LGBTQ people of color, and it was a perfect choice.  Even with some last minute casting changes the video came together and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  The lyrics “He had it coming” have been replaced with “Bitch I was Voguing” and the theme carries through strongly.  When the video goes live PhillyGayCalendar will be sure to post the link!

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