Judy Gold: Comedian, Actor and Big Mouth

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Her website says it all: “Comedian; Actor; Writer; Host; and Big Mouth.” These are not the only attributes Judy Gold possesses, because we also learn that she is a stand-up comic, mom of Henry and Ben, and future wife of Edysa Halpern.

Judy Gold will be appearing on January 22 at the Rrazz Room at the Prince Theatre in Philadelphia. I had the opportunity to talk with her about her forthcoming appearance, what she will do for the next few weeks, and her opinions on matters as diverse as the Presidential election, celebrities, and people who use cell phones.


Ralph Malachowski: It has been a while since our last interview in December 2014. At the time, your show featured the unintentional humor implicit in your mother’s everyday speech.  What is the title of your show we will see in a few days at the Prince Theatre?

Judy Gold: I lost my mother this summer, so the show won’t be about her and the funny things she said. My new show doesn’t have a title. It will be a combination of old and new material, with a few topics from my podcast. Some of what I will say will be whatever pisses me off that day. If you can call it anything, you can call it “Judy Raw,” because it will be me doing stand-up. I’m looking forward to this new venue at the Prince. I’ve played the old venue in New Hope. I hear there’s another New Hope venue. Is it at the Raven?

RM: Yes. It’s the newly-refurbished oak room at the Raven.

JG: Isn’t that like, really a small place? What did they do to it? Then, what is the Prince like?

RM: The Raven Rrazz Room has tables and seating for 70, with a new stage area magically expanded into another area. It’s intimate. The Rrazz at the Prince is a much larger space, a bit larger than the former New Hope space.

JG: Sounds nice. I like performing in new spaces. It doesn’t faze me a bit. I feed into the excitement of performing. I enjoy it. I enjoy working at venues that are more cabaret-oriented. I like a cabaret audience because they are so different from those in comedy clubs. Comedy clubs have a totally different vibe. There is so much else in the works, whether it’s the emcee, what act came on before you, stuff like that. There are a lot more hurdles. People go there to have an experience. A cabaret audience is a lot classier, I believe. They are there to enjoy a night out.

RM: Maybe a lot gayer?

JG: We hope so.

RM: Looking over your accomplishments on television, theatre, and film listed on your website (www.JudyGold.com ), I noticed one credit that caught my attention. I hope that you could explain “The Trials of Monica Lewinsky,” which was listed under theatre, with “Leading Role.” Did you play Monica?

JG: Oh my God! Is that there? That was a reading we did years ago for charity. No. I was definitely not Monica Lewinsky. I did enjoy performing in “Clinton: The Musical.” I played both Linda Tripp and Eleanor Roosevelt, two of the most unattractive women on earth.

RM: Eleanor Roosevelt did many good things for America, while Linda Tripp only set up Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.

JG: True. I’m a big fan of Eleanor Roosevelt.

RM: Now that we’ve discussed the past, what are your plans for the future?

JG: Along with the Rrazz on the 22nd, I’ll be doing some charity work around New York City. I’ll be appearing on an Olivia cruise of the Caribbean, which I am really looking forward to doing at month’s end. I’ll be at 54 Below after that. I’m still doing my podcast on CBS, titled “Kill Me Now” (www.JudyGold.com/killmenow ). I like to talk to celebrities about what’s important in their lives, not just to publicize their latest project. I’m interested in discussing all aspects of life, even the stupid, annoying things. I ask my guests to share with me what pisses them off.

RM: What might be some things which annoy you?

JG: Well, there’s Donald Trump. If you have an hour, we can just begin to talk about him. And there are the folks who walk on the street who are so interested in their phones that they walk right into you. Hello? Are you that stupid, to walk around the streets of New York, not looking where you’re going? Oh … and the bright ones who text in the theatre. We can see you from the stage! Who are you, the President of the United States? You can’t wait to use your phone? You have to do it during a performance? There is no shortage of annoying people.

RM: I also see on your website mention that you will be a future wife. Have you both set a date?

JG: What do you mean, “set a date?!” No. I have two kids in school. We’re looking for a place together. Have you noticed how ridiculous real estate prices are in New York City? As it is now, we both have our own places, and it’s working out fine. Sometimes it’s a good thing not to be with the one you love 24/7.

RM: Ms. Gold, do you have any parting words for your fans, especially for your fans in Philadelphia?

JG: I’m 53 years old, and I’ve spent 30 years in clubs. I’m looking forward to returning to Philadelphia after a long absence and performing in a fabulous new venue, so come on down and we’ll have some fun.

Judy Gold will be appearing at The Rrazz Room at The Prince Theatre in Philadelphia for one show only on January 22. For ticket information, visit: http://princetheater.org/events/judy-gold

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