#TBT – Most Popular Blogs from 2015

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Another incredible year for the community has come and gone and we look back to some of the most popular moments. Last week we showed you the Most Popular Photos of 2015 . This week we look at the most popular blog posts. A lot of businesses opened and closed and the internet was a buzz with news. Luckily PhillyGayCalendar seperated the truth from the gossip to bring you what you needed to know!

And of course, people loved reading the hot and steam blogs we post as well, from porn stars to naked strippers – and we don’t blame you.

So check out below the TOP blog posts of 2015 – Which one is YOUR favorite?

Gay Pizza Closed

We were all devistated to learn that a staple of the gayborhood was gone. The infamous Gay Pizza closed it’s doors. But don’t worry, it reopened.


So we were faced with a question – is Philly full of bottoms. So we did our own scientific research to get to the bottom of things!

I Married a Porn Star

Everyone’s favorite porn star, and hometown Philly boy, Billy Santoro, talked about what it’s like to be married to fellow porn star Seth Santoro.


We all loved the NOH8 Campaign with those amazing photos of celebrities and their duct taped mouths. Well now that we have Marriage Equality, Photographer Jenna Pinchbeck started a new campaign – #OutLoudAtLast

iCandy is NOT Closed

Gossip travels fast in this town – faster when it’s wrong, and with facebook and other local gossip blogs, we often get all excited when we don’t need to. This was a quick story to correct the false rumor that iCandy closed – and since I was at iCandy recently, we can tell you it’s still opened and better then ever.

BuffBoyzz in a Bathhouse

Who doesn’t love a hot sexy naked guy. This year saw the introduction of BuffBoyzz, the hot male strippers, take over the bath house for an all naked party – tired of feeling like Philly guys are all prudes, check it out!

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