Someone is Going on Tour!

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Philly loves its queens, and we have some of the best around, but we also love those wild queens from RuPaul's Drag Race, and thanks to local favorite Mimi Imfurst, they are coming to Philly as part of a country wide tour – Diva's of Drag.  I checked in with Braden (Mimi's much softer side) to get some inside scoop. 

Chris: Hiiiiiiiiii, what are your feelings heading into "Tour Announcment Week?" 

Braden: I'm really excited for Divas of Drag. We have an fantastic and very diverse group of queens-and every single one of the them talented as all hell. I've been working with my co-producers to create this fantastic line-up on DIVAS are launching the first leg of our national tour!

Chris: Sooooo what stop are you most excited for?

Braden: I am of course excited to bring the tour through Philly obviously – but one of my favorite cities on the list is New Orleans. A girl can get in trouble there! Oh and we are adding some dates in some yet unnamed cities- so I'm keeping my mouth shut for now.

Chris: Is there a Queen you're most likley to get into a brawl with?

Braden: If I don't get a long with someone – they're not on this tour. This is a great group. I don't see any fighting coming on my end. Living on bus with some of these girls is going to be interesting though!

Chris: Oh Shit! Will tour affect Drag Wars?

Braden: It won't affect Drag Wars – Allstars ends March 24th the night before the tour kicks off. Cycle 7 starts in May. Imma busy girl!

Queens include:

JujuBee, Yara Sofia, Alyssa Edwards, Trixie Mattel, Latrice Royale, Mimi Imfurst, Milk, Kennedy Davenport, Roxxxy Andrews, Gia Gunn, Laganja Estranja, Tatianna, Mystique Summers, Penny Tration, Stacy Layne Matthews, Vicky Vox and Wendy Ho

Diva's of Drag hits Philly 3/26 and you can get tickets here – 

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