The Foxes Destroy Love Friday.

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

By now you know I have a weird drag boner for all of the ladies of Franky's Foxes –  haven't missed a show yet!  I coudln't be more exicted for this Friday … When Cupid Takes a Tumble.  Performing the theme of love might be a bit over done, which is why the Foxes bring you pseudo Cupids Down Fall.  

The show will be hosted by Maria Top Catt and Karma, who will be straying from a traditional Valentine's Day show, but everyone elses numbers will be catering to the darker side of love, with an occasional beam of hope.  Mama Fox (Nicole Fatima) will still be wearing black to rejoice Cupid's death.  

The boisterous line-up features Iris Spectre, Maria Top Catt, Zsa Zsa St. James, Lady Poison, Ann Artist, Omyra Lynn, and Ms. Karma. Also featuring DJ Chris Urban for all your after party needs and pleasures.

Each queen showcase their own uniqueness, talent, and attributes to bring the table and it shows. The Foxes are a direct representation of Franky Bradley’s philosophy, “Something for Everyone”.

Love, Sex, Hate, Red, Black it all hits the stage this Friday at Franky Bradley's.  Get there early to get a good standing spot (good luck trying to find a seat if you get there past 10.)  You'll find me there throwing dollars like my love life depended on it. 

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