Misconceptions about Botox

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You've heard about it over brunch, or while watching Real Housewives, but what's holding you back from treating wrinkles you've already got, or preventing wrinkles that might happen?

But I'm only 20 (or 30) something, why do I need Botox?
There are two kinds of lines (wrinkles), static lines and dynamic lines.  Dynamic lines are the ones that appear when we make expressions, over time these dynmaic lines turn into static lines.  Static lines are the ones that stay on your face even when you're expressionless.  The perks of starting Botox early on is you never give dynamic lines a chance to become static.  You'll actually need less botox as you age therefore saving money.  Think of it like an investment.

Okay I'm no spring chicken, can you make my wrinkles go away?
Duh, wrinkles in the skin are caused by repeat movment of the muscles underneath the skin.  Botox works to temporarily (3-4 months) paralyze the muscles that causes wrinkles allowing the skin (wrinkles) to relax. 

Umm… is it dangerous?
Absoloutly not, the full name for Botox sounds scary (Botulinum toxin), but in the spectrum of drugs availible it's pretty damn safe.  Wrinkles in the skin are caused by repeat movment of the muscles underneath the skin.  Botox works to temporarily (3-4 months) paralyze the muscles that causes wrinkles allowing the skin (wrinkles) to relax. 

So Botox isn't just for rich old ladies? 
Abso-fricken-loutley not.  Last year 385,000 men received a Botox treatment and that number is growing rapidly.  How else do you think all of those boys on Grindr continue to defy the hands of time. 

Alright but it's got to be super expensive? 
Botox is sold in one of two ways, it can be sold by treatment area (avoid this) or by the unit (aim for this.)  If you find an injector that is selling by the area, they're not creating a custom plan for each client.  They're doing what we in the field call a pump and dump (get your mind out of the gutter.)  Adam might need 21 units for his 11's (the lines between your eyebrows) and Steve might need 28 units.  Why should they pay the same amount if they need different amounts?  So it's important to ask your injector how they charge, and then when they (hopefully) say by the unit, it's not uncommon to ask "but how much per unit?"

So what's a good PPU (price per unit)?
Well last I checked the span was actually pretty large, I work for a place that charges $11/unit, but through mystery shopping have found plastic surgeons charging $22/unit!  When I get phone calls from people I know are price shopping I remind them that while price should be a factor in their search, two other things are SUPER important.  
1. Ask what kind of training your injector has had.  I work under an injector that is so boss, she trains other injectors and gets paid to do it!  A lot of docotors just kind of tack Botox onto their list of offerings and don't keep up with trainings. 
2. If you find Botox for less than $10/unit, make sure it's legit Botox.  Like all drugs there are "generic" makes, but you'll find the results don't last as long AND some strains of knock off Botox can actually cause your eye brows to droop! (There are signs to look for on the Botox Box, reach out to me and I'll give you quite the education)

Will I look "plastic" or "fake?"
If that's what you want, sure. But you don't have to. The best part about finding an injector that charges by the unit is that you can discuss what kind of results you're looking for.  Some men want to pull a Cher and "turn back time," others just want to slow down the hands of time or soften their natural look.  Neither is right or wrong, it all comes down to personal choice. 

Are all injectors created equally?
Nope, I had touched on this earlier.  We're talking about your face here, you don't want to just trust anyone with it.  Look for an injector that is well trained and well versed.  It's not rude to ask "how many people have you injected this month?"  What prior training do you have?" the list really goes on…

I still have questions, or I want to know what the next step is….
At the risk of boring someone, I tried to keep this post as short as possible, but talking about Botox is actually my full time job (I work with Meesha Aesthetics) and I flipping love it.  You can email me (BotoxByMeesha@gmail.com) anytime with questions, hell you can even send me a selfie for a digi-consult to get a feel of how many units of Botox you might need to obtain desired results.  Oh and before I go, remember to wear sunscreen, it's the number one cause of wrinkles. 


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