Pissi and Peaches Get Pissy

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San Francisco-based drag queen and filmmaker Peaches Christ will make her Philadelphia debut at the next What Makes Me Pissi, a monthly drag cabaret at L’Etage. Showcasing the big personality of Pissi Myles, the show combines song, dance, comedy, and other “zany antics” for an evening of hilarity and debauchery. Past guests have included drag legend Lady Bunny, parody queen Sherry Vine, and RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8 contestant Bob the Drag Queen.

“This show has been a bucket list item for a really long time,” said Pissi Myles in a recent interview. “After making some calls and signing the Devil’s book, we were finally able to make it happen, and I’m really looking forward to dancing naked with her in the moonlight!”

Midnight movie priestess Peaches Christ joins Pissi Myles at the April 9th What Makes Me Pissi show. The multi-talented drag artist Peaches Christ is an underground drag performer, emcee, actress, and filmmaker. Audience members can expect to have the same kind of twisted humor and camp as one of her famous Midnight Mass shows, or her horror film All About Evil starring Natasha Lyonne and Mink Stole!

"I'm really excited to finally be making my Philadelphia debut! And I'm especially thrilled to be doing it with Pissi, a young, talented, clever queen who's both ambitious and audacious. She's going places,” Peaches Christ said. “My hope is that this Peaches Pissi splash will create enough interest there that I'll be able to someday return with one of our fully staged movie parody spectaculars."

I had a chance to talk with Peaches, and I asked her if she'd ever been to Philly! 

"I've been to Philadelphia, mostly as a teenager in the late 80's / early 90's who would drive up from Maryland where I lived to explore the city and visit South Street and buy shit at Zipperhead?  Is that still there?  One memorable trip was when my friends and I met up with Joe Jack from The Dead Milkmen and got to hang out with all day long and he took us shopping and stuff.  We were totally star struck.  I've never actually performed in Philadelphia as Peaches Christ so I'm really excited to be making my Philly debut!  I've always felt a strong connection to the city because it's one of the few cities where all five of my films have played at some time or another and audiences always seemed to "get" them.  

Tickets for the April 9th What Makes Me Pissi with Peaches Christ can be purchased at http:// bit.ly/pissipeaches.


Pissi Myles, cycle 4 winner of Philly Drag Wars and Best Drag Hostess at the Beacon Light Awards, is an accomplished comedian and Philadelphia audience favorite. In addition to What Makes Me Pissi, she continues to produce her one “woman” show, Boys Will Be Girls at Albatross Bar in Astoria, NY, among her many other guest appearances throughout NYC, Philadelphia, and NJ. For more information, including bookings, images, and video, visit pissimyles.com.


Peaches Christ is a drag queen, emcee, actress, and filmmaker living in San Francisco, California. Peaches’ cult following can always expect performances full of ghouls, glamor, and dead-a-live gorgeousness. Siting influences by fellow Baltimore natives John Waters and Divine, Peaches is most known for her outrageous Midnight Mass shows and cult movie parodies featuring top drag queens like Willam Belli, Coco Peru, Latrice Royale, and more. For more information, including bookings, images, and video, visit peacheschrist.com. 

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