Talking Bucks with Dave Morreale

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Trying to get Dave Morreale to sit down for more than 30 seconds is tough.  He's busy with his hands in just about everything at Franky Bradley's, but something he's especially proud of are the Bucks.  Boys in not so much clothing show off their physical prowess through dance and body movment.  Imaginiatve staging and lighting work together to complete an amazing show.  I asked Dave what his favorite thing about the Bucks is:

"It’s difficult to pick a favorite thing about the Bucks. One is definitely collaborating with Tommy and Teddy. We spend some much time building and brainstorming ideas. It’s always invigorating, and also really fun. The set and the lighting alone for our show on Thursday are going off the chain."

I wanted more, I asked what else he loves about the show:

"The other thing that I love about this show is that it’s a full on family affair. Almost everyone in the show works at Franky Bradley’s in some capacity. This includes the hosts, the dancers, the DJ, the Foxes, and also myself. We have all been working together to utilize individual talents and abilities and unleash that on stage together. Trying to schedule staff to work the event was the hardest part because we are all in the show. I’m super proud of the work Tommy and Teddy have put into this show. I’m fully confident that this performance will not only be a great one, but a great time as always!"

You can see the Bucks in person at Franky Bradley's on Thursday at 930pm!  More Info. 

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