Move Over ‘Gay Pizza’ There’s a New Drunk Munchie in Town

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I'm not ashamed to admit that I, like most of you, throw calorie counting to the wind after 3 drinks.  There's nothing that can stop me from enjoying some delicious comfort food, except a long ass line.  So when I stumbled into Wishbone on 13th and Chancelor and was smacked in the face with the smell of fresh fried chicken and mac and cheese I knew I found heaven. Without missing a beat I placed my order, ate my food and got back in line.  Don't judge me, I went to the gym the next day for an extra 11 minutes. 

I knew I needed the inside scoop so I talked to Erica Hope,  Managing partner and self proclaimed Fried Chicken Queen!


Wishbone originated in UCity, and you probably don't leave the gayborhood.

I wish I could say you were wrong… but you're right, What brings you to the Gayborhood?

When looking for a new location we asked, who parties as hard as frat boys? After watching the Eric Jaffe show @tavern on Camac, I knew we had to come to 13th st becuase the gays know how to get down!

What's your favorite menu item?

We have a new slider we just unveiled yesterday. It is pulled chicken, modern bbq sauce, homemade slaw and house pickle on a buttermilk biscuit. We call it THE WISHBONER because.. Well babe… Come have a taste 😉

Can you let us in on your secret?

Which one? Wishbone's Mac and Cheese is a guarded  secret, you'll need to text your auntie and applogize because you've got a new favorite side dish. Alright I'll spill, Mac with 4 cheeses blended with homemade chicken sausage, fresh herbs and chipotle is a guarded secret*

Are you open late?

We are open til 4am fri/sat.

What about sweets?

Ugh!!! All of our goodies are made in house baked each AM. We have pies, cookies, cupcakes, brownies… My favorite is the smores tarte. A smores cookie, baked in a tarte pan so it has a dip in the center. We fill that dip with chocolate ganache and top it off with a homemade brûléed marshmallow.

Can you give me a price point for a Late night bite?

Chicken and sauce can get you in and out for $5. We cook small batches so we keep it comin hot all night! Add that gorgeous Mac and you are still looking at $10 or less.

Seriously guys, next time you're craving more than a cheese covered carb, skip the line nad give this place a try.  Shit's Delicious. 

210 S 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Phone: (215) 921-3204

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