This is a CODE: RED

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

If you’ve been in Philly for more than a year, you’ve heard of, what many say is an amazing and emotionally refueling evening.  Code: Red is one of those yearly events you don’t let slip by.  This year is bigger than ever, with a new location, new goals, and every fuckin’ philadelphia performer you know. 

I had planned to type a blurb about what Code: Red is, but show creators Brandon Barlib and Mikel Pop did the job for me.  The quick facts before you read on, Their goal this year is $10,000 for HIV Awareness (The Mazzoni Center / Aids Fund) The show is moved to the TLA and the list of queens and performers can be found here. 

So I’m gonna go buy my ticket on Live Nation, they’re  $20, and you know that shit’s a donation so don't you dare even think twice about not whipping out that credit card. HIV Awareness is important, and a good chunk of the Mazzoni Center’s work.  Places like the Mazzoni Center are at risk of losing funding, let’s pad that cushion with dollar bills just in case!  

Brandon has been producing shows since forever and comes out of retirement once a year to make this happen! 

“Code: Red started in 2013 as a World AIDS Day Drag Show Charity event to raise money for different HIV & AIDS organizations, mainly Mazzoni Center and AIDS Fund.  Throughout its 3 years our event has raised almost $17,000  which has been distributed amungst these organizations.  The event has gotten so big that we decided this year to move venues to provide more seating and space for our audience. This year we are partnering with Live Nation Philly, who generously donated the TLA and tons of concert tickets for us to raffle off!   Some of which include Ariana Grande and the Flaming Lips!  This year we also decided to have a pre-show concert starting shortly after the doors open so that we can showcase even more of the talent that our city has to offer.  We have a lot of local singers and rappers set to perform while the audience mixes and mingle with our Code Red Boys purchasing raffle tickets to win amazing prizes throughout the night."  


The venue may have changed by the heart of our event is still the same…to start a conversation!   Break the silence if you will.  We as a community have to be open and honest about our status and not judge those who may just happen to be positive.  We need to support one another. 


One thing to note is that EVERY performer, producer,  and person involved in this production is donating their time.  Not one person walks away with any money and that is an amazing thing.  Michael and I cannot thank everyone involved, both this and every year, for their continued support and effort of this event!  We couldn’t do it without them!”

His partner in crime on annual event is Mikel Pop, I’d love to say more commonly known as Cherry Pop, but most of us in the gayborhood have fallen more for his instagramed beard. 

“Code red is so important because it raises awareness about HIV prevention, treatment options and the importance of regular HIV testing. Especially here inphilly because right now Philadelphia is 5x the national average of HIV infection. It also is a fun atmosphere that brings people together to raise money for such an important cause while helping shatter the stigma surrounding the virus. It's 2016, there's no reason why HIV should still be silent.” 

 If you’ve reached the end and are still having second thoughts… you’re heartless, here’s the link again.  LIVE NATION.



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