Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart Tour’ Comes to Showtime

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Now streaming on Showtime On-Demand: Madonna, Queen of Pop, brings her REBEL HEART Tour for fans to either relive, or experience for the first time.

As if we needed further proof that the incomparable superstar still reigns as Queen, her Rebel Heart tour is just another explosion of pop music extravagance, exploiting the controversial icon’s ability to captivate, seduce and hypnotize her audience.

At 58, there are split opinions as to whether Madonna is acting “age-appropriate”, when it comes to her performances and fashion decisions; but the one thing Madge seems to say throughout every red carpet appearance, interview, back stage tour, or live performance is that her confidence remains intact, and she has ABSOLUTELY NO REGRETS.

During the Rebel Heart Tour, the Queen opens with numbers from the 2015 album; Iconic being the show’s big opener, (revealing the blonde bombshell in a cage; looking more fit, and luminous than ever before).

It’s the perfect opening number, as Madonna does what she does best, before jumping right into Bitch, I’m Madonna – which subliminally clearly reminds all haters that she gives ZERO FUCKS.

The flow of Madonna’s live show is similar to most of her recent tours, but she still manages to maintain cohesion and keep the energy lit.

My only disappointments were her decision to bring Body Shop to the stage (my least favorite track on Rebel Heart, as well as Candy Shop.

I have no clue why Madonna wants to keep reminding us Hard Candy exists. Right beside American Life, it stands as her least impressive.

In feeling the need to perform a track from either of these albums, I can certainly think of much better songs she could’ve went with.

But, we all know, YOU CAN’T FUCK WITH THE QUEEN and there is no denying her in doing whatever the fuck she wants.

Madge grabs a few instruments for tracks like True Blue and Burning Up, and as to be expected strips down to reveal her yoga body, in very little clothing–

Especially on Holy Water, which just may be the most indecent of all performances; with Madonna comparing holy water to the juices that flow from her iconic vagina, belting lines like, “Yeezus loves my pussy best” (Kanye produced the track), as strippers dressed as nuns (well, the top half of their outfits, that is) perform on poles behind her.

As far as I’m concerned, there’s nothing inappropriate here. I think at this point in her career, it comes down to whether or not you’re a fan; and those who adore the incredible, untouchable career of the world’s most famous and successful female pop star, will indeed be grateful to find the entire show on Showtime.

Here’s a peek at Madonna, behaving badly:

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