Lake Homo High

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Everyone is (secretly) gay in Sam Taggart and Bowen Wang’sLake Homo High,” a popular serialized sketch comedy show out of NYC that’s coming to Philadelphia’s Good Good Comedy Theatre for one show on Saturday night.

I caught up with Sam and Bowen over email to find out more about them and their show, which promises a typical high school with an underbelly of “secrets, betrayal, and most importantly DRAMA.”

1. How did you get started in comedy?

Sam: I moved to New York about 5 years ago and started taking classes at the UCB Theater. While doing that, I started going to open mics around the city, hosting my own shows, and putting on wacky one-off shows.

Bowen: After college I stayed in New York and took classes, performed sketch, and then tried hosting different variety shows before I knew what I was doing. I’m sure I still don’t!

2. Have you collaborated on anything before LHH?

Sam: Before Lake Homo, we co-produced a show called “Live on Broadgay” in which gay male comedians (and one straight female comedian) perform an entire episode of Sex And The City as if it were a dramatic piece of theater. We still do this show every once in a while and it’s always so fun and dumb. We’ve also collaborated on a little thing called *~friendship~* for many years now.

Bowen: Yes, our greatest and most ambitious project has been figuring out a regular brunch spot for us to meet. Lineup and press release coming soon!

3. What was your process for creating this show? How did you cast it?

Sam: I had this idea for a sketch where everyone in a high school comes out of the closet VERY dramatically at the same time (based heavily on Marco’s coming out in the Canadian teen drama Degrassi) and then we went nuts from there. The Annoyance Theater put it up and for a month and a half we were creating a new episode every week. For casting, we pulled from the same pool of performers that we used for “Live on Broadgay.” There are so many talented gay comedians around us it’s amazing that we get to put everybody in these shows.

Bowen: The plan at first was just to have the same 30-minute show to run at The Annoyance, but then they challenged us to write a new “episode” by the second week of our test run, and we’ve just kept that cadence going ever since. Writing 30-plus new pages every week for six weeks straight was insane but gave the show this manic tone that is truly wonderful.

4. Will straight people understand all the gayness of the show?

Sam: If they listen real, real close and use context clues I think even the straights will be able to figure it out!

Bowen: They should at least watch “Female Trouble” by John Waters once (with subtitles ON) and screenshot every frame of Divine until they’re a 4 on the Kinsey scale.

5. Have you been to Philly before? Any memorable experiences here?

Sam: I came to Philly for another show (Cartoon Monsoon) once maybe 2 years ago? We all ate pizza and all got upset stomachs lol. Hoping for a different memory this time around.

Bowen: In college I visited Philly for an improv festival, and there was lots of commotion in our group about going to the Mütter Museum. It was closed and then we ended up going to the Trader Joe’s on Market Street before driving back to New York.

6. What made you bring this show to Philly?

Sam: The Good Good Comedy Theater! I met Kate Banford and Aaron Nevins a couple of years ago and they’ve now started this theater and have done a great job bridging the gap between NYC and Philly comedy. They asked if we wanted to do the show there and we of course said yes!

7. What makes you laugh, no matter what?

Sam: High-pitched squealing.

Bowen: Debra Wilson’s amazing singing voice.

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