New Year New Healthy Skin

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Starting off the New Year right, a good place to start is with your skin! Everyone wants to have healthy, clear and glowing skin. I think most guys don’t know where to start or think their skin is too sensitive for products. I thought that as well and I have done the grunt work for you. While I’m skin care junkie and I love to try tons on products. I have found four great products and easy steps that you need to keep or get your skin looking right for the New Year.

* First start with a cleanser to remove all the dirt, grim & oil. I love Kiehl’s Since 1851: Ultra Facial Cleanser $19.50 for 5.0 fl oz. 

*Second step for guys like me who suffer from oily to combination skin. Clinique’s Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic. It removes any dead skin cells from your skin after you cleanse and also I found helps with razor bumps when used on beard area. $14.50  

* Third step I use Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Rose Nourishing oil. This has been one of the best products I have used to help with my dry skin during the winter months. It has a faint rose smell and really does help with keeping your skin hydrated. I highly recommend this product. Use it before you put your moisturizer on to ensure it gets into your skin. $62.00

* Lastly to finish off your skin regimen is Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream It’s the finishing element to keep your skin hydrated and glowing $47.50 for 4.2oz jar and $27.50 for 1.7oz jar.

** In order to keeps your skin looking great you have to stay consistent with your regimen. These are some of my favorite products that I like to use, but don’t be afraid to switch out or try new products to suit your own skin needs**

All these products can be found at Sephora, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and other fine department stores.

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