Local Trainers Help You Stay On Track

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2017 started with a bang. Everyone is still nursing their New Years hang over and the cold isn’t helping. And how many New Year’s resolutions are already broken? It’s a challenge to stay motivated when Philly’s winter grey takes over the city.

Everyone starts the year off with the motto “New Year New You” but most of the time we fall off the wagon and go back to the same habits we always have. So this year we decided to help.

Every year creatures lovingly called “Resolutionist” appear at local gyms. Those that decided for the New Year they will start a fitness routine. But too often they disappear before Valentines day. So we went out and talked to a few local gay trainers to ask them how to get on the right track….and how to stay on it!

Here is what they said:

Michael Figueroa
Personal training, at Fitnessworks Gym

There’s an old saying: “A man too busy to take care of his health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.” prioritize, make it a time that’s right for you. Others may like to get up for a 5 a.m. workout, but if your body prefers 5 p.m. Make your exercise time 5 p.m. No time today? (or all of next week) for exercise? During whirl wind days, blend moments of exercise into your daily schedule. Park at the far side of parking lots. Climb stairs instead of taking elevators, Walk while you talk on the phone, drop and do 30 push-ups in your office, everyone has five minutes. It’s great to see and feel progress, make sure your goals are concrete and near-term. (“I want to lose 5 pounds,” not “I want to lose 100 pounds.”) Make exercise a “dose of religion,” something you can’t imagine living without. To “get” religion, clarify your values. Ask yourself: “What do I value about myself and my future? What do I really look forward to?” The beach?, a wedding?, fit to be on America ninja warrior?, or just to simply be the best version of you inside and out possible, it’s all a matter of tuning your mind to the right frequency, that will keep you committed to staying on a healthy lifestyle.

Dwayne Townsend
Gym: Fusion Fitness 1425 Arch Street

Try something outside of your comfortable zone! If you’re use to taking a cross fit class, switch it up with a cardio Kickbox class, Boot Camp, Zumba, or Cycling for a couple of weeks with something other then your use to. You’ll discover and appreciate the benefits of switching things up.

Bill Bell
12th Street Gym

Pick a time to workout that fits into your schedule and work it into your everyday. Maybe you pack your gym clothes to hit the gym after work, perhaps starting your day with a workout is a better option or maybe you can workout on your lunch break; make sure to pencil your workouts in and then stick with the routine. Make it a habit.

Bruce Warfield
Personal Trainer at Fitness Works Philadelphia

Consistency is key. Exercise can’t be something you “fit into” your day. Make it a scheduled priority. Who are you cheating when workouts are missed? Take care of yourself first, then you can be strong for others.

Megan Niño
Personal Trainer and Owner at Vigor Vida Fitness & Wellness

One suggestion I make to my clients is to write down your goal and by when you want to achieve it. Consult with a professional and create fitness goals leading to that greater goal. Too many people create goals without any committment or direction. So this is definitely the first step especially when working with a trainer. If someone suggested that already then another tip is to actually ask for help whether it is for meal preparation or for creating a fitness regament that is appropriate for your abilities. i.e If you struggle with sticking to a regimen don’t start pursuing a bodybuilding regimen. Start with a couple days of full body exercises.

Kyle Suib (Boys of Summer Lifeguard)
Group Fitness Manager at VIDA Fitness

Be aware you are making progress! You see yourself everyday, so it’s hard to notice change, but you are already making a huge changes in just being active. Give yourself the credit you deserve!

Michael Bahbaa
Personal Trainer in New Jersey

It call comes down to establishing a routine, setting attainable goals, and holding yourself accountable. They say it takes 21 days to break a habit… so for the first few weeks absolutely no cheating. Life is about balance and you need to find a way to make fitness work for you. Set aside time to workout and shop for food, then form your schedule around it.

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