SNOWBALL – Get Pelted

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

SNOWBALL by Brian Sanders JUNK will be in the forecast on Saturday, January 28th at BOK, 1901 S. 9th Street from 7:00 PM (General Admission opens at 8:00 PM) until midnight.

JUNK’s 7th annual one-night-only winter themed extravaganza fundraiser will include sneak peak performances by JUNK, special music guests: Max Swan and You Do You; DJ Carl Michaels & DJ Sharyn Stone with headlining performance by Iris Spectre in collaboration with JUNK. If you get tickets to the VIP hour…you will be treated to an exclusive performance by Aaron Anker & Michael Holden, appearing courtesy of Pennsylvania Ballet.

If you have ever been to a JUNK performance you know you are in for a treat whenever they perform (if you haven’t – it’s a must…check them out, you will thank me later). The fun thing about SNOWBALL is that the performances are scattered throughout the event so you always have a surprise to look forward to in between your cocktails and dancing. A fun twist to the event is that there is an actual snowball fight….well not exactly snow but there are balls that are tossed around in city’s premier, no-holds-barred indoor snowball fight for an all out 3 minute spirited gust of winter fun. Last year was my first year at SNOWBALL and I was thrown off guard but quickly got into the fun, threw some "snow" balls and it was magical.

To make the evening more magical, creative white attire is suggested and prize money will be rewarded. Get your tickets now and ‘get pelted’.

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