Deborah Cox in The Body Guard

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The Bodyguard: The Musical starring Deborah Cox will be at Philadelphia’s Academy of Music February 21 through 26.  Based upon the film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston, this musical premiered at London’s West End and earned four Olivier Award nominations.

The Bodyguard is now touring the United States until August 2017. It is now playing in Columbus, Ohio, until February 19, then here in Philadelphia February 21 through 26. It will next travel to Baltimore from February 28 through March 5.

A hectic schedule by any estimate, but we were able to catch up with the star of the show, Deborah Cox, who graciously took the time to answer a few questions.

Ralph Malachowski:  Whitney Houston played the role in the hit film to great success. She remains such an unforgettable talent even now so long after her death. After a successful recording career, as well as appearances in film and theater, what is it like to take to the stage playing another famous recording artist?

Deborah Cox: It's an honor for me in this role in particular, because the recording artist is someone who I looked up to most of my career. When we later became friends I was able to pull from some of those moments we had together and bring the essence of her to the stage. More importantly bring this story to a whole new generation.

RM: How did you feel about the challenge of singing songs that were made into classics by Whitney Houston?

DC: Every night is a slightly different approach for me. I try to stay in the moment. There are so many things I discover while on stage. I've heard these songs so many times sung in a very specific way, so with musical theater it's about the story telling. 

RM: Who are your musical theater idols?

DC: I have huge respect for Audra MacDonald and her talent. I love Billy Porter, Patti LuPone, Bette Miller, Angela Bassett, Anika Noni Rose, so many. 

RM: How does this experience differ from your appearances in the musicals Aida and Jekyll and Hyde?

DC: Lucy was like a wounded bird and so vulnerable because of her circumstance. Rachel is a boss, full of confidence and is a true Diva. Rachel has to wear her armor too because she's so protective of her son. It changes the dynamic when children are involved.

RM: You’ve appeared in many musicals, as well as several films. What role (or roles) would you like next?

DC: I'd love to do more film and television. I'd love do a musical theater piece on film!

The Kimmel Center’s Broadway Philadelphia will present The Bodyguard starring Deborah Cox February 21-26 at the Academy of Music, 250 S. Broad Street. For more information and to purchase tickets, call 215-790-5800 or visit    


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