Colby Melvin + Sex Toys = Heaven

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You’ve seen him a dozen times, you probably recognize his name, but Colby Melvin is so much deeper than you probably have ever realized.  I had a chance to talk to him for a hot minute and let me tell you, that man could charm the pants off even the staunchest republican. 


My research into Colby started with the press release of his newest endorsement of, which is legit the best I’ve found to buy some toys for the bedroom, truth behold I’ve already shopped with them prior to this interview!


After, I looked into Colby’s instagram and had to take the quickest of cold shower to keep myself focused because hot damn, Colby is basically waking porn, except not, because as you’ll read later, Colby has no desire to act in porn. 


Chris: So let’s start with the most important thing, hows that mustache treating you?

Colby:  Well, it all started when I moved from LA to Denver, the Mustache just felt right!  


Chris: Your boyfriend must love it!

Colby: What boyfriend? I’m back to single, and ready to flirt  (giggles) 


Chris: Wait, Stop, How do you know Youtube / RuPaul star Todrick Hall??

Colby: Todrick is amazing, The photo from my insta is from the second time I saw Straight Outta Oz ( which is coming to philly) and [he is] always a sweet heart to me, our first interaction … I got a random call from a person with a British accent, turns out it was Todrick and he was testing me, that call lead to Mean Boyz (put together in 24 hours) and after working with him, damm is he a  Force to be reckoned with. 


Chris: No segway here, but let’s get dirty… so, you’ve said no to porn, but yes to adult toys?

Colby: There’s a difference between porn and toys, I’ve been approached by multiple porn companies, and it’s too much about the acting, and I’m not a fan of “faking sex,” but more power to those pornstars! Compared to, which is more about being open and expressive about your own sex life.  I think everyone should be more open and real about your sexual experiences, and going for what you want. I think people would benefit  form being so open about talking about sex.  Yesterday I was talking with a 35 year old and he’s never douched before, he has no idea how to prepare for bottoming, that’s what the conversation needs to be, we need to prepare millennial for goods sex.


Chris: Do you have a favorite toy?

Colby: Depends on my mood, one of the hottest toys is the dildo + anal beads that are remote controlled, and you can go out somewhere and the top or whatever can have the remote control and turn it on whenever in public.


Side note, it turns out Calvin has a dom preference. 


Chris: So what else are you working on?

Colby:   Just moved to Denver and I fill my time with marketing partnerships, and now I’m looking towards launching my own line of swimwear and streetwear moving out of LA helped me re-center and re-focus, I don’t mind modeling, but i wanna be more business.  I want to focus on education of the gay world, especially millennial, people are kind of conservative and i want to crack them open. The biggest question I get is how to prepare to bottom, the idea of douche-ing and Pure for men (another persons I work with).  This is a great example of why I wanted to pair with AdamMale, the simple idea of douching leaves so many men clueless, I’m hoping to educate them. 


Throwback pic! I look like a baby! Shot by @jorgino29 wearing @aronikswim

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Ready for Locker room at @tracksdenver !!

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