Massages Make Me Nervous

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

       Massages are one of those luxury items that I don’t mind splurging on.  As an active individual who is always doing things without preperation **cough** running the Broad Street Run without trainging **cough** my body occasioanlly hurts.  When this happens I activley seek out a massage therapist and until Matt, I was a “massage hopper.” Un-committed to any particualr person or place, always seeking the “holy grail” if you will.  Then I found it. 

      If you’ve never gotten a massage, a couple things matter

  1. Cleanliness – I wouldn’t want to lay in someone elses dirty body sweat / oil, so I like to know a fresh linen or sheet has been placed on the preferably heated table.
  2. Relaxing enviorment – I want to slip into zen mode during my massage, so soft lighting and even softer music are a must! 
  3. Skilled Therapist – There are 77 muscles in the back alone, you want a therapist that knows what they’re doing to target the right muscles
  4. Convienence – I generally make my appointments last minute, so I like a studio to have online booking available 

    Well the good news is, Matt hit’s all 4 points on the head. His studio is right in the gayborhood (12th and Locust) and is a Clean, dark and immersive experience.   He is a tech nerd at heart, and one of my favorite parts of an appointment is finding out if he bought a new tech toy to help clients relax.  Want to talk about Skill? He’s been practicing for over 10 years, and regularly continues his education.  Matt is always more than happy to share some knowledge about homeopathic healing you can do at home!  Finally, Convienience, I know he’s working uber hard to refresh his website, and you can now book online… YASSSS 21st century! 

Long post short, Get a damn massage if you can, your aging body will thank you.

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