Merchant of Venice + Animal Farm + Clowns = Glister

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I am always excited to see "fresh" theater, whether it's a new script or a re-adaption, I know I'm in for a refreshing treat.  I wasn't disappointed when I got a chance to see Hum'n'Bards Glister before the public at their invited dress at Tabu on Sunday night. 

In the Hum'n'Bards second annual production, they've adapted the story of Merchant of Venice and taken themes from Animal Farm to bring the world GLISTER.  It's the story of Shylock, Portia, and Bassanio as they struggle to find common ground in a world controlled by judgement and greed. 

What made this show unique is that it featured original music by Anna Michael and Travis Braue-Fischbach.  The music had a pop-rock-opera feel, very reminiscent of "Repo: the genetic pop opera – seriously go watch that on Netlix.   Glister took me to a glitter-fueled world where the Banker always wins. The cast (Eric Jaffe, Christina Higgins, Travis Braue-Fischbach, Lexi Pozonsky) was strong AF.  Each with genuine talent, they were able to carry the story line with no problems.  Each cast member also had a strong voice, which helped captivate me (and the audience around me) 

You're definitely going to want to bring some dollar bills, there's some "strongly encouraged almost forced tipping" that occurs regularly throughout the show. 

The show runs through the 28th and you can snag a $5 ticket here! 

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