Every episode of Colton’s gay reality show leaked

As The Bachelor Star, Colton Underwood, comes out of the closet, we ask, is the word ready for him to have his own show?

Philly’s own Tim Popp shows what the show might look like:

Episode 1: Colton Makes Friends

Colton Underwood meets Gus Kentworthy at a coffee shop and Gus agrees to be his gay guide. Gus introduces him to terms like "Bear" "Twink" and "Otter." Brunch with a rag-tag group of gays! (4-5 in total. 1 is non-muscular, 1 is femme-ish, 1-2 are POC)

Episode 2: Colton goes to a gay bar

Gus and the boys take him to a gay bar for the first time. Fish out of water story ensues! Colton sees his first drag show. Drag Race alums meet him backstage, put him in a silly wig! That's drag baby!

Episode 3: Colton orders Apps

Gus and the gays introduce him to Grindr. We get a very very palatable demonstration of its use for straight audiences. He squirms. The gays encourage him to go on a date. It does not go well. No physical contact.

Episode 4: Colton gets in the game

Not about dating... SPORTS ep! Colton brings the gays to a football field to go through basic training. Only Gus and Colton excel. The other gays are bad at it. Michael Sam makes a guest experience. Gays in sports!

Episode 5: Colton gets ACTIVE

Gus and the gays teach him very important lessons about activism and the plight of the LGBT community. They visit a community center where queer youth talk about their struggles. Colton cries. The episode ends with him giving a moving speech.

Episode 6: Colton and his family

Colton goes home to spend time with his family. Gus comes with him. We explore themes of childhood and religion. Mom and Dad have a serious conversation with Colton. TEARS! The episode ends with a tender hug between Gus and Colton.

Episode 7: Colton is PROUD

Colton goes to his first-ever Gay Pride celebration (COVID permitting). He and the gays meet for brunch. They explain what happens at pride to an anxious Colton. Billy Eichner makes a cameo. Colton walks with the CitiBank float.

Episode 8: (Season Finale) Colton accepts his Rose.

Colton decides he's ready to find love. He and Gus assess a series of men on Tinder. Colton goes on 1-2 bad dates. Gus & Colton meet. Colton admits he just wishes he could find someone like Gus. Intense eye contact. .


General Guidelines:

Colton and Gus work out in no new fewer than 4 episodes.

Regular shots of Colton staring into the distance on either bluffs or piers.

Gay sex is only discussed in euphemism.

There. Now we don’t need to make it.

Bonus Episode: Colton NAILS Queer Eye

In this crossover event, Colton meets the Fab 5 who make give him the queer eye treatment. Nicole Byer makes a guest appearance during Karamo's segment where they make dessert and talk about life as a public figure


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