Virtual Gay Pride Choral Concerts

BY: David B

Many gay choruses across the US are holding virtual concerts for June Pride Month.  This will likely be their last virtual concerts, and therefore your last chance to check them out without a plane ticket.  Most have set screening times, while some will have them available to screen afterwards at will or within a set time frame.  Many request donations, while a few have set prices.  All choruses are nonprofit, relying on donations and ticket sales to survive.  With all concerts this year being virtual, all have been hit particularly hard by the pandemic, so be as generous as you are able!  Philadelphia concerts are on June 4 and 5.  Concert themes vary, including gay pride, Broadway (Harrisburg, Atlanta, South Florida, Cincinnati), silver screen (Twin Cities), commissioned works (New Mexico, GALA, Orlando), as well as uplifting songs of hope and rejoicing. Enjoy!