|Safe Space Project| with Gunnar Montana

Gunnar Montana [Photographer Joe McFetridge]
Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

“Go ahead and be yourself, you’re safe.”

Philadelphia local choreographer and performance artist,  Gunnar Montana partnered with Trojan Brand Condoms to design and construct a photoshoot set out of 2,500 of their BARESKIN™ Lubricated Condoms! (That’s right, zoom in ). Photographer Joe McFetridge captured it all.

"Trojan and I both specialize in creating safe spaces for people to express themselves, so I took this opportunity to build a super gay bedroom installation and then invited a handful of my queer friends to come and be photographed in it!"
Gunnar Montana
Choreographer and performance artist

Stay tuned for “Behind the Scenes” and “Making Of” videos as well as more photos! 


Behind the Scenes

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