qFlix Phily premiers ‘Jump, Darling’

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

With qFLIX Philadelphia 2021, just weeks away on Sept. 26 – Oct. 3, at the Suzanne Roberts Theatre & Virtual, it is time we all turn our attention to this all-important community festival that has grown to be the largest LGBTA+ arts and cultural festival between NYC and Miami.

Opening night of qFLIX Philadelphia 2021 will be historic in nature, as they are presenting the inaugural Marsha P. Johnson Image Award to a national and internationally recognized transgender individual who has exhibited a profound and deep commitment to the issues that face our community through their leadership, words, and actions.

We are proud of our selection of the recipient of this award, and once we receive the proper clearances will be happy to announce his/her name.

Following the presentation of the Marsha P. Johnson Image Award, you will be treated to an amazing opening night film, “Jump, Darling,” which was Cloris Leachman’s last film before her passing.   ScreenDaily wrote that “the late Cloris Leachman remains an inveterate scene-stealer in ‘Jump, Darling,’ a small-scale drama that provides her with a touching swansong.”

Jump, Darling delves into the story of Russell Hill (Thomas Duplessie) and his relationship between him and his grandmother Margaret (Cloris Leachman) while recovering from a disastrous audition at a prominent drag bar. As Russell explores his identity and self-acceptance, he also begins to understand his grandmother and her need to live life on her own terms—including death.

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