¡Saluds Dudes! Queer Pin Up Calendar

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Mission Taqueria is an incredible Mexican restaurant at 1516 Sansom St. But this holiday season they are serving more than just tacos. Introducing ¡Saluds Dudes! – a pin up calendar of hot dudes from across the queer spectrum getting sexy with tacos!

It’s also a calendar with dates and days of the week, because after 2 years in semi or total isolation,  everyone could use a reminder of what day it is.

Plus, as a bonus, it’s a benefit for The Attic Youth Center

The Attic has been an LGBTQ+ safe house here in Philadelphia serving the youth of Philadelphia since 1993. The Attic’s goal is to reduce the isolation felt by LGBTQ youth by providing a sense of community and developing programs and services to counteract the prejudice and oppression that LGBTQ youth often face.

"So we felt that the youth The Attic represents could use very visible examples of people from all backgrounds who are thriiiiving. From food to music, performance to activism, fashion to dance: Life is in bloom! And there are people still leading their fields with positivity and grace, right in our fair city. "
Mission Taqueria

Mission was so thrilled to work with Richmond Tan from Souvenir who helped style everything from start to finish, and Ian Loring Shiver who snapped all these glamour shots.


“We hope this calendar brings joy, inspiration, and a healthy appetite for community and tacos in your 2022.”

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