Co-owner of The Woods accused of sexually assaulting child there

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A man was arrested Sunday for allegedly sexually assaulting a child at a resort he owns in the Pocono Mountains.

Police said Patrick Gremling, 54, assaulted a middle schooler at the Woods Campground in late 2011. The accuser, who is now an adult, reported Gremling to police Friday. Investigators wiretapped a 32-minute phone call between the accuser and Gremling, who reportedly made “several admissions” and was arrested shortly after.

The Woods Campground resort opened in Lehighton in 2004 and branded itself an exclusive, clothing-optional and adult-only campground; a “safe, secluded getaway.” Gremling’s accuser said they were brought to the resort in 2011 to help prepare the grounds for winter.

The child spent the night in a camper after the work was done. They described to police the pajamas they wore and the couch they slept on, where the alleged assault took place.

Gremling had touched the child inappropriately once before at a home in New Jersey in 2009, the accuser told police. He said the same thing both times: “Never tell anyone.”

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