New Completely Redesigned Positano Coast

Positano Coast 2022 by Adriano Martino (7)
Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Aldo Lamberti and family are proud to introduce and unveil the new Positano Coast in Old City, Philadelphia – known for sponsoring the LGBT Film Festival qFlix. The award-winning Italian and seafood restaurant, bar, lounge, event space and outdoor dining destination has been renovated inside from top to bottom, in a story that is an international tale and a pandemic long.

Lamberti tapped world-renowned designer Pietro Del Vaglio Studio to change the entire inside of the restaurant and transform it from a vacation journey through the streets of Positano to that of a local looking out from their Italian village into the best of everyday life in Positano. The goal was to upgrade the restaurant into a transformational immersive experience with five elements, including art, ground-breaking photography, unique interior design, Italian cuisine and, of course, wine and spirits.

Inside, guests will walk into the stunning new space and see vibrant Italian colors inspired by the fruits and colors of the Positano region Look for color, warm tones, Italian custom wood, unique lighting and chandelier, expanded dining spaces, updated layouts, custom art and photography, exhibits paying homage to historic elements from the original design, new floors and ceilings, and other design additions to make it one of the most stunning vibe dining destinations in Philadelphia and the tri-state region. 
Imagine trying to redesign one of Old City’s largest restaurants with an award-winning Italian designer, a team of Italian-based woodworkers, and materials from Italy – and navigating travel restrictions, supply shortages and a timeline that went from several months to nearly 2.5 years. 
Along with the redesign comes new menu items, new cocktails, new mocktails, outdoor dining, a new happy hour and more. 

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