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It’s damn hot out, so we stayed at home and searched Instagram to see what everyone was doing this weekend! Check out the posts you might have missedl

Phllly boy Maxwell snuck away to New Jersey for a dip in the pool. Looks refreshing, where is our invite?

The infamous Eric Jaffe was amazing at ” My Big Gay Jewish Drag Show l” The Manischweitz was flowing and the whole mishpucha was there! 

Photos by @richwexlerphotographer

Time for a cold drink at Stir, this trio of blond ladies are ready to drink!

The fabulous Pissy Miles, a NJ Drag Queen you often see in Phlly, got a new tattoo. Makes you just want to be a part of her world!

If you haven’t been to a SWAY party you are missing out. They can get out of control. So join them and get out of control with them!

Nigel Battle, better known as Princess Pudding enjoying the sun at the Wood’s Campground

Kelly Burkhardt, activist and photographer, deserve to be pampered

Tracy Buchholz, Director of Public Relations at En Route, took some of her favorite Philly boys on a wild rafting trip.

Mikhael Brown-McKenna had a boys weekend with his fellow homos

What list would be complete without Philly’s Bev!

Local comedian Alejandro Morales took a beach day with his mom – what a way to spend the weekend!

Philly’s favorite burlesque dancer Turnpyke showing off his tan lines from PTown

BOS Ambassador Alex showing off his Stonewall Phlily Kickball shirt – and his abs!

Cleo Phatra is simply glowing! Broadway beltress, cabaret queen, actress and designer

Matt Kong playing Stonewall Kickball in the heat – he is a trooper!

Jacob Anthony, owner of The Lion’s Den Candle Company, posing in front of the wings at Cockatoo

THIRST TRAP OF THE WEEK: Local photographer Jonathan Hernandez 

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Gripped, Ripped & Gagged

Gunnar Montana is back again with another great photoshoot. This time with his help from his friends Teddy Fatscher and William Robinson, they build a neon shower for a truly unique look.

This week in Instagram

Let’s look at some posts in the gay community last week Metro Men’s Fashion, everyone’s favorite gay owned and operated clothing store on Passynk just

ANNA Family Reunion

What’s a family reunion without singing? Not much! Join us, masked and vaccinated, in our ANNA return to the stage with you, our extended family.

¡Saluds Dudes! Queer Pin Up Calendar

This holiday season they are serving more than just tacos. Introducing ¡Saluds Dudes! – a pin up calendar of hot dudes from across the queer spectrum getting sexy with tacos!

Cockatoo Holiday Art Installation

Tim Laskey (he/him) is a Philadelphia-based artist who works in both digital and traditional media. Originally from Long Island, NY and having lived many years in rural western Pennsylvania before moving here 20 years ago, “playing between extremes is a place I find a lot of creativity.

William Way and COVID-19

“William Way has made itself more known as a connector of people and the leadership calls were essential in doing so.” The William Way Center has continued to provide access to programs and events even in times of uncertainty.

Philadelphia FIGHT’s Jane Shull Receives Wistar Legacy Award

The Wistar Institute is proud to announce Jane Shull, chief executive officer of Philadelphia FIGHT; philanthropist Ken Nimblett; Philadelphia Foundation and the Robert I. Jacobs Fund; and Philadelphia FIGHT will be honored at the Wistar Legacy Awards, a celebration of 25 years of continuous HIV research collaboration

he John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives at William Way LGBT Community Center

William Way Archives Receives Grant

he John J. Wilcox, Jr. Archives at William Way LGBT Community Center has been awarded a $29,520 Save America’s Treasures grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services.