Another thrilling Cirque du Soleil spectacle at Oaks

Although retired since 2014, I still relish opportunities to teach, write, and share opinions.
Bazzar, Cirque du Soleil’s newest spectacle, will be at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at Oaks, PA, (hereinafter, Oaks) until October 22. 
Bazzar takes place under the blue and white big top magically created in a parking lot. The entire creation looks more like a birthday cake than a giant venue seating hundreds of people. It last appeared at Oaks in 2019. Fear not! It is a totally new, and totally exciting program of phenomenal acrobatic artists, dancers, and musicians. 
The theme of this presentation is the Maestro, who has a rival seeking to acquire the magic hat. This hat helps him to create order and move the story along through the entertainers onstage. At the end of the show, the hat plays an important role in the drama which we cannot reveal.
The troupe is said to number 27 eclectic artists (at another point in the program, it is 36 characters) including a thrilling team of teeterboard artists who propel each other high into the air without benefit of logical safety concerns, an acrobat bicyclist, a chap who can outdo Spiderman as he flies through the tent while posing in the air, incredible roller-blade artistry by a couple, while yet another couple do amazing feats high on a trapeze. And there is even more. There is even a woman who is suspended in midair and spins supported only by her hair. The acts come fast and furious, until respite is granted by the Maestro to engineer the audience into participation in events which delight young, old, and those in between. The energy level is modulated, and heightened so as to keep our attention until intermission. The second half of the show is just as spectacular. 
Some of the artists are identified in the downloadable program available by scanning the posted QR code. To name a few, Grande Ame, the singer, is Tamara Dikyova, from Slovakia. The exciting trapeze duo is Xander Taylor and Melanie Dupuis, both from Canada, while the amazing roller skating duo is Myriam Lessard and Matthieu Cloutier, both also from Canada. Those incredible, death-defying teeterboard artists are Patrick Schuhmann (Germany), Vlacheslau Hahunou (Belarus), Samuel Nash (Canada), and Jules Tripin (France). The incredible Helder Vilela (Brazil) flying through the tent on only what are called “straps”. Florian Blummel (Germany) performing acrobatic bicycle feats, and the aforementioned lady spinning about in midair by her hair is Josephina Oriozabala (Argentina). 
Bazzar will keep you breathlessly gazing at the incredible feats occurring on the stage, only to have three acts performing simultaneously to conclude the show. 
Amazing, simply amazing. 
You will never forget the experience.
Tickets are available at .
Parking is more than ample and free of charge. 
Snacks and souvenirs are available. 
Handicapped seating is available.
Note that there is a walk of a few hundred feet from car parking to bigtop, so those with canes or walkers should be prepared. 
Rest facilities (clean and plentiful) are outside the tent.

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