Philly’s Own Sapphira Cristál on Rupaul’s Drag Race

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Hold onto your heels hunnies, Sapphira Cristál, (a très chic 34-year-old, Philadelphia), our sashaying siren, is tuning her six-octave vocal range to blow roofs and minds! This diva doesn’t just flirt with notes, she flat out seduces them! Armed with a degree in Music Composition, Vocal Performance, and Opera, she puts the ‘Fab’ in Fabricate when she weaves comedy into her performances while hosting, singing, and dancing in drag. Is there anything this queen can’t slay?

Move aside lip syncs – we’ve got a live diva in the house! Give a ‘Yasss Queen!’ to Sapphira Cristál, our own Philly Belle, gracing the upcoming season of “RuPaul’s Drag Race”. Serving vocal goddess realness, Sapphira is not just a performer – she’s a classically trained composer and operatic singer with a six-octave vocal reach that goes from sultry baritone ghosts to dazzling soprano divas.

Our supreme ghost-host queen strutted into the Werk Room in a lush blue-feathered leotard, finishing the look with pair of thigh-high boots that could kick conforming boundaries to the curb. She cast a spooktacular spell with her chillingly haunting entrance and declared, “Hunnies, I think this place is haunted!” What’s not to love about that?

Earning her self-professed title of Philly’s crown jewel, she quipped, “My drag is as voluminous as my hair. More is always more, and bigger darling, is always better.” her stage-filling outfits often accentuate a silhouette that’s as curvaceous as her personality, reflecting her unforgettable sense of style. From avant-garde spins on historic ball gowns to playful frolics in leotards and elegant struts in evening wear – she’s never without a hairstyle that’s fashionably loud.

Our queen Sapphira sparkled as she donned the crown of Miss’d America 2020-2021, a much-adored winner of the iconic Atlantic City’s drag pageant, and sassily sashayed to the beat of Philadelphia Magazine’s 2023 “Best Drag Queen of the Year Who Actually Sings.”

When spilling the tea on her drag persona, she muses, “She’s much like me – loving, bubbly, and bursting with energy.” Her insta-fans are, let’s just say, positively gagging to see her werk and slay on “Drag Race.”

Joining the regal ranks of Philly’s yesteryear “Drag Race” royalty, including the rebellious Willam (season four’s disqualified queen), and the dazzling 13th placer Honey Davenport from season 11, this tea is set to be piping hot!

Mark your calendars, Queens! January 5th at 8 p.m. on MTV launches Season 16. Make sure to cheer on Sapphira Cristál as she lip-sync-battles an equally fabulous motley crew; Amanda Tori Meating (Los Angeles, CA), Dawn (Brooklyn, NY), Geneva Karr (Brownsville, TX), Hershii LiqCour-Jeté (Miami, FL), Megami (Brooklyn, NY), Mhi’ya Iman LePaige (Miami, FL), Mirage (Las Vegas, NV), Morphine Love Dion (Miami, FL), Nymphia Wind (Taiwan and New York), Plane Jane (Boston, MA), Plasma (New York, NY), Q (Kansas City, MO), and the stunning Xunami Muse (New York, NY). Don’t miss this gorgeous gaggle of glamazonians!

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