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Calendar Model: Stephen

Stephen is a 21yo Taurus originally from NE Philly. Stephen has lived in Philadelphia,PA for 21 years and works as a Religious studies student at Temple

Photos by: Alexander John

Going to the gym, cooking, spending time with friends, reading (philosophical or theological stuff, or just any thing about religion and working out and nutrition)

Favorite Music:
I enjoy working out to up beat Irish music. Fills me with energy. Over all I listen to a lot of different things. However I love to chill and listen to Matisyahu. Only person I have seen in concert

Sports were never really my thing. I swam a little bit in high school and then played rugby last fall. Ended up not having enough time to continue with it.

Favorite Restaurant:
I am always open to trying new places but my favorite places to stop for a quick bite of food are Maoz and The food is good, quick and not a restaurant setting so I can go whenever, except Saturday.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
I do not go out too much to the bars in the city even though I work at one (ICandy). Not much of a drinker and I am working weekends when everyone is out. If I do find myself at a bar it will usually be ICandy. I also use to like going to Giovanni's Room a lot. Would usually go there on the weekends and chill out on the second floor and check out the books and read.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
Do not really have a favorite place to hang out. I like to just wander around the city sometimes and spend time with people. So if it is wandering the Italian Market, grabbing food in Northern Liberties or chilling in Rittenhouse park it is all good to me.

Best part of Philly:
Cannot say there is a part of Philadelphia that I find the best - I like it all

Ideal First Date:
I really do not have an ideal date. It is not something I really think about. Doing something new or going to a place that both of us have never done would be really fun.

What is Stephen looking for in a partner?
There is not really a picture in my mind of what my ideal partner would be. I like lots of different types of guys. Having expectations or looking for certain qualities seems it would set me up for failure. So I do not actively seek out a partner. If I meet someone and we click great, if not it is all good.
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