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Calendar Model: Andrew

Andrew is a 25yo Taurus originally from Born in Brooklyn and raised in the poconos. Andrew has lived in Mount Laurel, NJ for a few years and works as a Cocktail Server

Photos by Garrett Matthew Photography

Art, writing, gym, and hiking.

Favorite Music:
Lana Del Rey, Sia, lady gaga, David Guetta, and Beyonce

I always like watching a Phillies game - live is the best.

Favorite Restaurant:
I'm pretty simple - I like Ruby Tuesday!! Salad Bar! I love Sushi - Raw in Philly is def one of my favorite restaurants.

Favorite Gay Hangout:
Almost anywhere in the Gayborhood - Woody's and UBar are my favorites - I love going out to NYC to new places - recently went to BPM - hard to go out on weekends for me, since generally I am working at night.

Favorite Straight Hangout:
I Love Rumor in Philly on a Friday night -- always an amazing time with my best friend - 500 degrees is right next store ! Best cheeseburgers in Philly!!

Best part of Philly:
The best part of Philadelphia is that the city is very large - but not overwhelming - I feel like it is a very welcoming city - it is an older city with lots of history and great museums. There is so much to do - it is very easy to commute in and out of Philadelphia -- the best part is that it has become part of my life

Ideal First Date:
My ideal date would be to go on a date that is not only physical my type, but also mentally intriguing. A person that is drawn to me and wants to be a part of my life.

What is Andrew looking for in a partner?
I love muscular guys! My favorite - a handy guy is great - but also a genuine guy that has your best interest - hard to find that combination
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