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Tabu Moves to iCandy Nightclub

by: Steve McCann,
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Jun 27, 2018

Philadelphia, PA - The gayborhood in Philadelphia is always undergoing change. Bars and other establishments close, new ones open, but this new update is one of the largest!

Back in January, we reported that 12th Street Gym closed when a developer purchased the building. With the closing of the gym, it left many to ask about the future of Tabu Lounge, as it shared same block where the developer was building.

Today it was discovered that, 4 months ago, Tabu's building was sold. Tabu is a popular nightlife location in the gayborhood, featuring multiple shows a week, quizzo, fun bar food and boasted as an inclusive destination.

With the future of this popular bar in question, Stephen Carlino, owner of Tabu (as well as Ubar, and Tavern), decided to buy iCandy Nightclub.

Owner of iCandy, Daryl DePiano, stated "He made me an offer that was very good."

So what does this mean for both bars? Tabu's current location will be closing down, and they will move the entire business to its new location in iCandy's building. The new location will keep the Tabu name.

DePiano stated they expect the change-over to take place sometime in September.

For more information, check out Natalie Hope McDonald's piece in the Philly Voice

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