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Today, September 2
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10 Weekly Events are happening today including:
Take It Off Tuesdays, Bike Stop Happy Hour, William Way Community Center Services, HIV Testing @ ActionAIDS, Turnt Tuesday's @ Icandy! Turn Up Your Tuesdays!, HIV Counseling and Testing, HAPPY HOUR @ ICandy, Philadelphia Falcons Indoor Soccer Pickup, Venture Inn Happy Hour, KARAOKE!!!!!,
THE Anti-Bullying Project - Bullying Awareness Video
It's as simple as taking a stand for what you believe in. Stand up for someone, stand up for yourself. Help support the fight against extreme bullying. Change a life, if not your own. STAY POSITIVE! Thank you to everyone that was involved in the making of this film! Without you this would not be possible.
by likes views
The girls took drag to a new level and performed as their favorite cartoon characters. Our own Jonathan Hernanadez set up a photoboth [c/o The Bad Kids]
Photographer: Jonathan Hernanadez 25 likes 86 Photos
The Fall Season in Arts and Entertainment
The new 2014-2015 season is now under way as far as subscribing is concerned. A few venues have already begun their seasons. Here is a rundown of some of our favorite venues.
by Ralph Malachowski 3 likes comments
Boys of Summer 2014 Main Event
Boys of Summer hit its 11th year and it was bigger then ever. Check out all the hot times, with the Lifeguards as they travel across the street to Woody's, The Goddess Isis rocking the party, Gunnar Montana and his dancers exciting the crowd and then Mike Munich took over the stage.
by PhillyGayCalendar 1 likes 38 views
NSFW PARTY: Third Base
It doesn't matter whether you're a pitcher, a catcher, or you play the field: Do NOT let any balls slip through your mitts. It's Friday night, team, so let's knock this one out of the park! [c/o NSFW Dance Party]
Photographer: Alexander John 15 likes 50 Photos
Stoli Guy Philadelphia 2014
Who is the most Original Stoli Guy in Philly? The contestants competed in multiple rounds and in the end Mark Figueroa came out the winner and will represent Philly in the national competition. [c/o Alexander John Photography]
Photographer: Alexander John 25 likes 49 Photos
Is Gay Media Insensitive to the Trans Experience?
A few days ago, I ran across an article about a trans teen ending his life. Immediately, the article put forth messages and language that was insensitive, unaffirming and contradictory.
by Christian Axavier Lovehall 85 likes comments
August QOTA at Cantina
The gang from QOTA took over the Cantina [c/o QOTA]
Photographer: 3 likes 10 Photos
What is Happening to the Gayborhood?
Is the gayborhood disappearing?
by Sheena C. Howard 228 likes comments
ActionAIDS Receives $35,000 Award to Fight HIV/AIDS in the Greater Philadelphia Area
ActionAIDS, Pennsylvania's largest HIV/AIDS medical case management organization, announced today that it has received a $35,000 grant award from The Philadelphia Foundation.
by David W. Webber, 15 likes comments
A local short film featuring some of your favorite Philadelphians - Rick still feels guilty for his partner's passing, and depends on his new friend Adam to pull him out of the darkness of his soul. Directed & Written by: Isaac Angel. Featuring: Anthony Porter, Eric Knox, Freddy Shelley, Nicole Baldino, Jessica M Johnson
by Isaac Angel 7 likes 500 views
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