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Today, November 29
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7 Weekly Events are happening today including:
Sunday Funday @ ICANDY! * Specials ALL DAY/ALL NIGHT*, Sunday Evening Worship, Unity Fellowship of Christ Church Philadelphia Worship Service, The Men Of The Rainbow Room, Sing Your Life Karaoke with DJ Sara Sherr, William Way Community Center Services, Scintillating Sundays,
Happy Thanksgiving!
It's that time of year when we all think about what we are thankful for, and spend time with our family. But first we want to go out and party! Thanksgiving tends to be the biggest party time of the year so check out these events. Check out our list of Thanksgiving Events...
Instacrush: Chris Strider @striderc
This week we look at Chris Strider. As his bio says, he's a Professional Filmmaker & Video Editor. In his over 900 posts, he is often posting from Tavern on Camac and Boxers, as well as other photogentic location in the gayborhood. And he's never to far from a #GayPhilly tag.
by Steve McCann 80 likes comments
Most Popular Events of the weekend
  1. Gaycoupage! An Arts & Crafts Social
    at William Way Community Center this Friday

  2. Shea Butter Brunch: Soul Sistahs
    at Smokin' Betty's this Sunday

  3. Small Business Saturday in Manayunk
    at this Saturday
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My Exciting Evening with Eric Jaffe
"Life didn't cast me, so I cast myself!"
by Chris Balbi 32 likes comments
Dream Date
Philly's own Gunnar Montana stars in this locally produced Dorito's Commercial. Feel free to RATE the video at
THE FIVE: Reunite
Whether it's Stimulus's White Party after a year, or Shampoo after a decade.
by The Five 20 likes comments
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