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Today, July 6
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1 Special Event is happening today including:
  • 6 APPEAL!
        9:00pm @ Pennsylvania 6 Philly [114 South 12th Street, Philadelphia]
14 Weekly Events are happening today including:
Monday Madness, Mug Mondays @ ICandy!, William Way Community Center Services, TPC Support Group for Prospective Parents, Wrestling Practice, Rupaul's Drag Race Viewing Party , HIV Counseling and Testing, ICandy Presents: DRAG ARENA, Bebashi HIV/STI Testing, Quizzo @ Tavern, Piano Bar with Liz Dufour, HIV Testing @ ActionAIDS, Sing Your Life Karaoke with DJ Sara Sherr, Venture Inn Happy Hour,
Top 5 OUTdoor Places to Eat, Drink, and be... GAY!
PhillyGayCalendar gives you our top five picks for the best outdoor spaces for post-work or weekend brunch.
by Chris Balbi 22 likes comments
Rainbow Crosswalks Were Always Meant to be Replaced
Many have complained that the colors are already chipping away, but that was anticipated by the city - they were always going to be replaced.
by Steve McCann 349 likes comments
THE FIVE: 50 and Fabulous
50 years ago was the start of a Gay Revolution! Before same-sex marriage, before Will and Grace, even before Stonewall.....dozens of local Philadelphia activists protested in front of Independence Hall for equal rights for all gay American's. This weekend we celebrate and honor their courage to start the fight that we are still fighting today.....and winning!
by The Five 122 likes comments
You Can Get Fired for Getting Married in PA
State Reps. Brian Sims and Dan Frankel, Montgomery County Commissioner Josh Shapiro, former Philadelphia Councilman Jim Kenney and Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations Executive Director Rue Landau welcomed today's historic U.S. Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. However, they warned that new state and federal laws are still needed to address the significant anti-LGBT discrimination that remains.
by Ben Turner 121 likes comments
$5,300 for Charity
$5,300 has been raised for local LGBT charities since May by events promoted by PhillyGayCalendar. We encourage everyone to support local charities by going to one of the many events held each month that donate a portions of their proceeds to local LGBT groups. See our Charity Listing for those events
Gay Pizza Closed
As of last night, the famous 13th Street Gourmet Pizza, better known as 'Gay Pizza' or 'Homo Hut' is closed!
by Steve McCann 1723 likes comments
Supreme Court Upholds Gay Marriage in the US
The Supreme Court has made it's decision - and Gay Marriage WON!
by Steve McCann 1469 likes comments
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