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Today, August 4
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9 Weekly Events are happening today including:
HAPPY HOUR @ ICandy, HIV Counseling and Testing, Texas Hold em' with Bluffin' with Butch, KARAOKE!!!!!, Turnt Tuesday's @ Icandy! Turn Up Your Tuesdays!, Venture Inn Happy Hour, Take It Off Tuesdays, HIV Testing @ ActionAIDS, William Way Community Center Services,
Boys of Summer Lifegaurds: Cody, Brendon Scott, & Darin
Join these three sexy lifeguards along with hundreds more at the 12th Annual Boys of Summer Swimsuit Party on August 7-9, 2015 - 3 days days left
Top 10 Reasons The Boys of Summer Weekend, is the BEST Weekend!
The 12th Annual Boys of Summer Swimsuit Party weekend is here, so for those debating on going to this amazing event, here are 10 reasons you can't miss it!
by Chris Balbi 0 likes comments
The Modern Family
For Tina Montgomery and Junior Brainard, a local trans couple, their happy ending is coming in October. While their story may be different from the traditional fairy tale, it brings to light some of the new variations of 'family.'
by Brittany Lynn 44 likes comments
Our Night Out @ the Shambles
On Wednesday, July 29th, hundreds of LGBTQ folks and alies braved the heat to enjoy a lovely ONO and to celebrate being named Best of Philly 2015. [c/o Our Night Out - Philly]
Photographer: 25 likes 83 Photos
The Top 10(ish) Reasons to See Heathers the Musical
The cast of "Heathers: the Musical" gives you their insights as to why you NEED to see this show!
by Chris Balbi 36 likes comments
Cory Wade to Perform at Boys of Summer
PhillyGayCalendar is proud to announce, Cory Wade, from America's Next Top Model, will headline boys of Summer on August 8, 2015 at Voyeur Nightclub.
by Steve McCann 58 likes comments
GayFest Turns 5! But How!?
Congrats to GayFest for hitting season 5!
by Chris Balbi 98 likes comments
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