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Dog See's GodI’m not very familiar with Charlie Brown, so much of DOG SEES GOD: CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE BLOCKHEAD, went right over my head. Considering the low brow humor and almost American Pie-esque type humor, I’m not particularly upset with what I missed.

The characters in the Peanuts cartoon are transformed in this play by Bert V. Royal into high school students. Charlie Brown’s dog dies, and from there the story takes off into philosophies of life and death. The audience seemed to have enjoyed it, but it’s never funny when a dog dies.

If Snoopy’s death isn’t enough the plot would lead you to believe that one character is in some sort of rehab, the guy that always had the blanket is now a pot head and the dirty guy, Pigpen, is now a germaphobic ball of hormones. Gay issues are also tackled, as Charlie Brown and the piano playing one, are in some sort of tryst.

Tackling societies issues is always important and it’s often delivered best with comedy, however, the changes in the characters were too surface-y, and is Peppermint Patty a dyke or what?

The cast was ok, and their special Peanuts dance moves were dead on. See this thing if you have a stomach for poor humor or just really liked the comic.

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