Grammy Mame, Stylez Milez, and I had the chance to try Barbuzzo during restaurant week.

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The power lesbians of 13th Street (Valerie and Marcie) who also own Lolita, Grocery, Bindi, Open House, Verde, and Marcie Blaine Chocolates debuted their latest home run – BARBUZZO! Honestly, these women have the Midas touch! One might be tempted to call them overachievers. Personally, I think they passed that when they opened their 4th business on 13th Street! I think after a 7th business we need to admit, they’re on a quest to rule the world, or at the very least the gayborhood!

Oh dinner, yeah, we ate at Barbuzzo! Not only am I baffled about when Marcie and Valerie sleep, I’m also totally amazed at how they are able to create unique businesses that are consistently amazing! Leave it to they gayz – always creative and perfectionists!

This dinner was wonderful! Their restaurant week menu was 4 courses for $35! Each course offered 3 choices, with the exception of the entre course which had 4. Because there were 3 of us eating, we had one of everything! We literally, ate everything on their Restaurant Week Menu. I was giddy with excitement when I said to the waitress, “We’ll have one of everything except the chicken and tiramisu!”

I had a personal favorite in each course. While everything was really delicious, in the first course, I loved the Chicken Liver Crostini made of lancaster chicken livers & foie gras mousse. It was just decadent! The second course super hero was the Pan Seared Gnocchi! I have 3 words (HOMEMADE TRUFFLE BUTTER)! BAM! That combined with wood roasted mushrooms and baby tomatoes – Stylez Milez and I loved this one!!! My personal favorite in the third course was the Housemade Salsiccia Pizza – AH MAY ZING! Fennel sausage, taggiasca olives, pecorino & arugula made me just want to keep eating it. Grammy Mame was all over her favorite in this course – the Pacherri. A pork ragu, escarole, burrata and basil. She loved the bright fresh flavor of the ragu.

The number one favorite for all of us in the dessert course was the Salted Caramel Budino. It was sad to watch us fight over the two that were on the table. There’s no way to describe how the sweetness of the caramel combined with salt puts you into a pleasure induced euphoria! Your euphoria is heightened by the chocolate crust and vanilla bean cream!

So after tasting 11 menu items I can emphatically say, the Lesbians did it again! The best part about Barbuzzo – they take reservations and credit cards!!! If you’ve ever been waiting outside Lolita with a pocket full of cash, you can understand how wonderful this is!

Run – don’t walk!

110 S. 13th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
(215) 546-9300

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