QFlix Film Festival Previews

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

There are many perks to blogging for PGC (PhillyGayCalendar), and one of my favorites are the pre-screeners I get to watch before Qflix Film Festival hits Philly, so I can make informed decisions on what to reccomend, or what to suggest you avoid! This year, I was blown away by EVERYTHING I watched!!

Something new I tried this year was diving into the "shorts" category with MANLY MASHUP shorts! I'm a not so secret "perv" so when I saw titles like "Blow Job 2017" and "Secret Santa Sex Party" I knew I would be delighted. I'll be honest, on first pass I wasn't blown away (pun intended) by either of the films, but after watching them a second time with a more artistic eye, I enjoyed the creative liberties the directors took to showcase sides of people not regularly seen.

Other shorts worth mention, Bob the Drag Queen's "Deck a Ho" was a fun pesudo music video that had me cackling in my living room, It was part of the Brandon Smithson Shorts collection, of his list I also enjoyed the "Body of Arisce" it was a <2 minute short about a fabulous woman in an epic costume, how could I not love it?

If you're looking for skin or hot, I totally reccomend "The Good Waiter," I can't say much without spoiling it, but the sex scenes are epic and the story line was fun!

As for the full movies I screened, the only one I couldn't make it through was "Utopians", tons of male nudity, but I found the plot to be too eratic for me to follow (even with subtitles!)

I enjoyed "Flatbush Luck," it was lighthearted and fluffy, made for a good snowday movie!

This was just a handful of the countless movies coming to Qflix March 14-19, for locations and times (or to buy an ALL ACCESS pass, visit http://www.qflixphilly.com

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