Auditions for ‘Night at the Museum’

Night at the Museum
Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar
Jaffe St. Queer Productions is absolutely thrilled to be teaming up with The Penn Museum for our next big project! Seeking 5 actors/singers for an over-the-top queer/drag musical.
Roles are open to people of any race, gender, sexual orientation, size. DRAG PERFORMERS ARE ENCOURAGED TO AUDITION.
Drag queen archaeologists have taken over the Penn Museum! They sing, they dance, and they know the names of all the tools – like the pokey one, and the brushy thing. Join Eric Jaffe & Lili St. Queer on their first-ever musical museum tour, and you’ll see historical objects in a brand new (very gay) light. But follow closely behind their highly-educated high heels – there may be other queens lurking in the exhibits! Get ready to laugh, cry, and learn facts you should probably verify later.

October 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th

Audition Date
July 20th from 4-8pm at the Penn Museum.
Please bring a 16 bar cut from any musical, an accompanist will be provided.


Eric-(cast) Uninformed and ignorant, convinced of their own expertise – just call them Ms Guided

Lili-(Cast) Uninformed and ignorant, convinced of their  own expertise, just call her Ms Informed

Winged Lions (2)- Sister lions with wings, protectors of the museum, overly dramatic.

Sekhmet– an ancient warrior goddess who turns into a cow when she is drunk. She is supposed to be the savior but she is sauced.

Cat– very smart, luxurious, and stuck up. Has the answers but is not trying to give them away. Social climber, LOVES the Sphinx

Purse– A purse full of knowledge, here to educate Eric and Lili. A literal purse. (Non-Singing Role)

All performers will be paid for rehearsals and performances.

Please share with people who you think might be interested!

Rehearsals will begin mid August, if cast we will work around your schedule to rehearse.

TO SET UP AN AUDITION PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW! If you can not make the auditions but are still interested, fill out the form anyway, and we will do our best to accommodate you!

Flyer artwork by Frankie Rowles

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