Discover the Emotional Acoustic Rendition of “Arms Length” by Aiden James

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Philadelphia-based pop singer, songwriter, musician, and producer Aiden James has released a new acoustic version of his hit single “Arms Length”. Known for his soulful, heartfelt live performances that captivate audiences, James is excited to share this intimate rendition that showcases his raw, authentic talent.

To celebrate the release, Aiden James has also produced a 4K music video which will premiere on Vevo and Apple Music on the same day. The captivating “Arms Length” performance was recorded at Morningstar Studios in Philadelphia.

The acoustic version of “Arms Length” was inspired by the profound reactions James received from his fans during his “JUMP Tour” last year. Aiden shared: “I’ll never forget this one night after a show. A man came up to the merch table and reached out to embrace me. He held both my hands and said hearing me live was an experience he’ll never forget. He told me that while he loved my recordings, my live acoustic performance was so personal and showcased my talents.”

Throughout his incredible career, Aiden James has released two albums and seven singles and toured the United States extensively as a solo performer and with artists such as Matt Morris, Shawn Colvin, and Andy Bell.

With the release of the “Arms Length” acoustic version, Aiden James continues to solidify his reputation as a dynamic, emotionally resonant singer-songwriter, meeting his fans’ desire for deeper connection through the universal language of music. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience Aiden James’ talent in a way that has moved audiences to tears—the acoustic rendition of “Arms Length” is out today!

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