A Glimpse into Candyland Pride Event by BOS Philly

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

What’s more delightful than a Pride event with a Candyland theme? At the start of Pride Month, BOS Philly hosted an incredibly colorful and vibrant affair at their official Pride celebration – Candyland! 🍭🌈

With over 1,000 guests dressed in their sweetest and most appetizing attire, you just couldn’t take your eyes off the candy-coated eye-candy! The intersection of LGBTQ+ pride and candy-themed extravaganza created a magical and delectable experience, celebrating love and diversity in the most scrumptious of ways.

We wanted to share with you the jaw-dropping photos captured that night. From rainbow-striped outfits to cotton candy wigs and lollipop-inspired accessories, the guests stepped up their fashion game and left everyone with a sugar rush!

But don’t just take our word for it – savor and feast your eyes on the sweetest and most vibrant captures from BOS Philly’s official Candyland Pride event:


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