Gloria Casarez Tribute (former)

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Gloria Casarez Tribute (former)

205 S Camac St, Philadelphia, PA 19107
COMPLETED: January 7, 2021
ARTIST: Tiff Urquhart

A developer painted over a mural honoring Philly LGBTQ icon Gloria Casarez. A queer street artist put up a new one just 50 feet away.

It was classic Philadelphia revenge. Tiff Urquhart bound a 4-by-4-foot wheatpaste of Casarez to a wall half a block from the old 12th Street Gym. The piece depicts the civil rights leader’s face in warm jewel tones — purples, blues, and maroons — meant to resemble the former sunset-bathed mural.

Unfortunately, Tiff’s wheatpaste was ripped down shortly after and within just two days of it being put up, which the artist posted about on Instagram.