Who will be Mr Gay US

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Hello my little man hunters! Miss Information is back with some juicy news about a beauty pageant not to be missed.

Once again in our fair little city of brotherly love, we will be hosting the Mr Gay US competition. Now I’m sure we all know that no one beats the boys of Philly, but we like to see what the rest of the country has to offer in the form a friendly little pagent, filled with entertainment, music and of course, dozens of boys in swimsuits all vying for the title of Mr Gay Us 2011

So here is the gossip – On November 18-19, Philadelphia will host a bevy of hot and sexy boys from around the nation at the US Mr Gay Competition. That’s right, for all those that loves the sexy boys at the Mr Philadelphia contest, now we have boys flying in from around the country to compete in our fair city.

We have held the Mr Philadelphia contest for 5 years, picking the hottest of the hot to represent the city of brotherly love in the national competitions. We have been very proud of our sexy local boys! Here is a quick flash back to the sultry winners of Mr Gay Philly Past!

Andrew Petruzelli
John Caputo
Charlie Biggs
Dash Sears
The image http://phillygaycalendar.com/photos/albums/mrgay/2008/thumb_IMG_1400_resize.JPG http://phillygaycalendar.com/photos/albums/mrgay/2008/thumb_IMG_1400_resize.JPG http://phillygaycalendar.com/photos/albums//mrgay/2010/thumb_DSC_0665.JPG http://phillygaycalendar.com/photos/albums/mrgay/2011/main/thumb_PhotosbyTed_gmail_%20untitled-3106.jpg

So what does it take to represent the entire country? Well Miss Information took that Amtrak all the way to New York City to talk with the 2010 winner, Eddie Rabon. And here is what he said about his experience:



At the risk of sounding like a complete cliche’, it’s been amazing. I’ve met so many interesting members of the LBGTQ community across our country that are creating positive change in their communities. I think the coolest thing I did as Mr. Gay USA was riding in the NYC Pride Parade, which was hours after the marriage equality bill passed in NY State. The energy in the city that day was such an amazing thing to experience. If there’s any advice that I can give to this year’s contestants, is simply to be yourself and have fun. And, of course, cutting down on the carbs until after the swimsuit competition is advisable.

— Eddie Rabon, New York, NY, 2010 Mr Gay US

Well now the boys have a little insider information. Of course if anyone knows hot to pick a hot guy it is that fabulous and sexy host for the evening Ms Brittney Lynn. This hard working diva has been ripping drag for about 150 years now but trust me, doesn’t look a day over 110! As the hardest working drag queen in Philly – and it show, she has figured out what it takes to be Mr Gay US! We talked to her about what we can expect from the show and the boys.


This year I’m hosting by myself, so Frank DeCaro won’t be present to protect the contestants, judges, and audience from me-be afraid…be very afraid…

To be Mr. Gay, for the National Title, it takes more than a pretty face, tight abs, and an ass like a split peach. We are looking for someone who can actually hold a conversation with topics outside of the realm of pop music stars, sexual preferences, and clothing labels-my ideal Mr. Gay will be someone hot enough to make all the other boys jealous when he enters the room, smart enough to keep up with and add to my brand of humor, and have that ideal, charming personality that makes it worthwhile to stab a bitchy queen who tries to take him off my arm!

— Brittney Lynn, Host of the Mr Gay US Contest

Thank you Miss Brittney, but now I have some competition to go after these boys. Step back, or I’ll cut ya! Then again there are more then enough boys to go around.

Of course Brittney won’t be the only B-List celebrity in the house.

TJ Kelly from The A-List New York, Miss Pennsylvania 2010 Coutney Thomas, Miss New York 2010 Clair Buffe, Jade Starling the Lead Singer from Pretty Poison, Scott Nevins from TruTV’s "The Smoking Gun Presents", Robear from NY Ink on TLC – phew! Add I Love New York and that girl that cries all the time on Top Model and you could have one hell of a reality show!

And don’t forget the guys, the reason we are all here. We want the hot body contest to begin! We wanted to make sure that YOU knew all about the boys. So Miss Information got out her carry on luggage, and tossed out all her liquids and flew around the country to talk to these ripped muscle boys. Yes, my children, I do this for you! Here is why THEY think they would make a good US Mr Gay:

Brian Fleming – Phoenix, AZ

I got involved with this competition simply by luck. I uploaded a profile and saw that there was no Phoenix candidate so I emailed and asked if I could join.

I am Mr GAY US because I feel that I representative a modern day American. My multiple ethnicities ( Mexican, African, Irish) and my extreme lust and passion for arts and cultures, helps to paint a vivid portaial of a modern day younger American. I support our troops and DADT and I love our president Barak Obama. I have canvassed on several political platforms that are pertinent in my area. For example, The Anti- Immigration Bill and worked with my local Undergraduate Student Government to tackle problems on campus such as, tuition hikes, security, and anti-hazing. Finally, I am firm believer in beauty that comes from within. I believe that every entity in the universe has the potential to be blissfully beautiful in the eyes of another. I want to show that I am not a shallow satire of a gay man that you often see in the media but a power gay, who posses a selfless heart and compassion.

Some unique qualities that I am bringing to the competition from my home state are my Mexican culture. I plan on signing some really cool songs and showing the world that I am truly diverse. More specifically I speak spanish and I love Mexican culture from modern to anciet Aztec those themes may be incorporated into how I compete.


Seth Canterbury – Los Angeles, CA

‘"I was interested in the competition back in 2010, I was asked if I would like to be a part of of the competition in 2011. I jumped at the chance. I think what makes me Mr. Gay US is my experience with gay culture here on home turf but also abroad. I grew up in the midwest and experienced growing up a closeted gay teen. At 18 I took off to LA and my eyes where opened the the West Hollywood lifestyle. At 21 I became a NYC based flight attendant. My routs included places all over the world. It was my goal to experience the Gay scene in each place I visited. I experienced gay life in some amazing cities like Seattle, Orlando, Atlanta, San Fran. Also in cities abroad like Rome, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, and more. It was great to see the comminalitys in each gay community but also the things that set America apart.

After 3 years I quit Delta and moved back to LA to pursue my acting carrier. It’s the city that I came "out" in. It is the city I love to call my home. I was first drawn from my repressed Midwest town to the gay mecca of West Hollywood. I always knew this city was huge, but i didn’t know how much nature it offered. Just a few miles outside the city are so many amazing hiking and camping spots. Even in the heart of LA there are hiking trails and amazing woods. And then there is the beach. Miles of coastline and a pretty awesome Gay beach called Will Rogers beach. Working and living in LA I’ve gotten to know the hot spots for great dancing and beautiful men. One of the best places for a nightcap is "Here Bar. And I love Fiesta Cantina for a good gay neighborhood bar. My old job at LASC is still the best place to find super sexy underwear! LA has so much to offer and i think I’ll bring my love and appreciation for this city with me to the competition. "

Cesar Ayala – Washington, DC

In few years ago, I won for 2009 1st runner up Metro Weekly Coverboy of the Year. My family, friends, and fans believe that I am a right person to be a leader for deaf-gay community. My friends said, "Cesar! You should try out for US Mr. Gay! We haven’t seen any gay-deaf on the competition." It is time to break the history of US Mr. Gay to have the first gay-deaf competitor.

My dream is to tell the world that gay-deaf is not a disability period. This is my chance to pass the powerful about gay-deaf issues. Sometime gays who are hearing forget about us… I am here to represent for deaf community, gay community, and YOU! I want to let you know that you are not alone. gay-deafies and I are here with you. We are a team in gay community. 

I am represent for Washington D.C. because they have a very strong gay community and deaf community. This is not only one thing. Gallaudet University is only one deaf college in the World. All the gay-deafies from all over the world come to Washington D.C. because of Gallaudet. Gallaudet is our second home.  

Dashiell Sears – Philadelphia, PA

I got involved in the competition after being asked to be a part of it by Bruce Yelk in the Philadelphia round after I lost a preliminary round as he told me that they needed more people, little did i know that I would win.

I believe Benjamin Franklin said it best when he said, ‘Either do write something worth reading, or do something worth writing’. I would like to live my life by that quote and do something notable if I was Mr. Gay US. Whether it’s being a member of Occupy Philadelphia fighting the corporate-government matrix that only benefits the top 1%, or bringing awareness to the alarming rate of homeless that are self-identified LGBT, I definitely want to use my political science and activist background to Mr. Gay US. Right now we have a rash of harsh, unrelenting bullying across the nation causing heart wrenching suicides, but we ALL know that this is NOT a new thing, but something that is just now getting attention. We have a voice and i’m willing to do whatever I can in my power to raise it and go places others won’t go.

Philadelphia, the birthplace of freedom, was one of the few places that was part of the original abolitionist, women’s rights, and gay rights advocates and home to many protests, rallies, and movements fighting for justice and equality. We celebrate those achievements and milestones throughout the city with historical markers and are adding new ones every year. more recently they have been celebrating the LGBT movement providing historical protection to our places such as Giovanni’s Room.That’s what I bring to the competition.

Jacob Armiger – Williamsburg, VA

I was contacted directly, and asked if I would be willing to participate in the event. It was new to me, and a little outside of the kind of thing I usually do.

I’m not really convinced that I am the Mr Gay US, because I’m not really convinced that there is one person who personifies all that is contemporary same-sex male attraction. I don’t believe beauty has an age (let’s acknowledge the elephant) or as narrow of a body type as our mainstream (esp ‘gay’) culture lets us believe. Personally, I DIDN’T ‘always know’ I was ‘gay’, and I’m still not convinced that the dichotomy of gay/straight fits with me. Don’t get me wrong, when people want a soundbite, I say I’m gay, but if they ask, I tell them I say ‘gay’ because it’s easier. Ha. I’m partially in this so I can hear people’s stories and experiences. I’d like to be seen as honest, and open. I’m all about fulfilling stereotypes if they fit for me, but if they don’t, then that’s okay too. I suppose that’s what I’m bringing to the table, but it’s only a piece of the whole.

I’m representing Williamsburg, VA, which I’m actually pretty excited about, if only to have a sash that says "Mr Gay Williamsburg". It’s a small tourist/college town of transplant students, retirees and Virginians. I went to undergrad down there, where I spent my time drawing, swimming in the James River, chasing Rusty Blackbirds through the woods for 3 years (my study species then), and figuring out my sexuality. My biased view of the College, at least, is that it’s pretty queer, the theme being ‘not everyone is exactly straight’. I liked that, alot. I liked the large overlap between our LBGTQ group and the organic gardening club that I was involved in. It had social liberalism, driven students, art, science, and unaltered green space. I had room to think and grow, and eventually create little rosy retrospection stories. I enjoyed my time there.


Michael Patrick Moore – Atlantic City, NJ

got appointed Mr. Gay Atlantic city, by Mark Dahl  Manager of glbt nightlife in resorts casino. I work for him at probar. As we are slowly rebuilding the glbt community in atlantic city, I offered to partake in this expirence to see if we can get the AC glbt back on the map, and maybe a possible Mr. Gay Atlantic City contest next year.

In my representation of the glbt community, I am and look forward to being a true role model and  leader in our community. Although we see alot of evils and dangers in our community, I am living proof thats it’s ok to be homosexual. Recently out of the closet less then 5 years, I am a recovering drug addict with 3 years clean and sober off all drugs and alcohol. I lived the hidden life we all want to live as homosexuals, and hide behind chemical substances more then just on weekends, but there comes a point in time where it’s not fun anymore and you have to learn to accept yourself. I lived the american dream for my family, had a child, and graduated with a RN degree, knowing I was atleast bisexual, but really knowing I was gay and couldnt accept it because my family would never love me anymore.  I now go out in the scene and stay sober and have just as much fun if not more then when I was a "trainwreck". I work in two glbt nightclubs and i tell everyone where I am at in life so temptation is never there. I don’t judge people in our lifestyle, but try to offer them a helping hand, as a friend, peer, rolemodel, or someone they would want to be like when realize it’s more then just an occasional drink or high expirence. I like to tell everyone to hang on It gets better! My family now slowly comming around, I have accepted who I am , and I have learned to love another man. I just want everyone to know it will be ok with strength, courge, and wisdom……

Atlantic city  has many quailites that are unique, Its a 24/7 town with an influx of tourists from all over US, and other countries.  One of Atlantic city’s most unique quailities is that it started as a rich town where famous celebrities could be found, to a run down ghetto and high crime rates, back to on its way up to being a successful city.  Atlantic city use to be the gay mecca not to long ago, until it was shut down by  overwhelimg drug flow and drug population. When They first opened PROBAR  first gaybar inside a casino ever in the US, I decided I would work there to help them start the journey of rebuling are glbt community. we now offer an Impersonator diva show, the brass rail has re opened to glbt friendly atmosphere, and occasionally the old daja vue now known as ARZU has live drag performances on Sundays hosted by the one and only legend MISS TENE.  Atlantic city also is the home to Missd America Pagent  now, where if you are a hard working drag queen and have what it takes, you can comptete for the title Missd America and represent the GLBT community throughout the year.

Paul Winkler – New Hope, PA

I live in NYC and my friend Alec (Mapa) lives in LA. To be able to see each other, we occasionally meet-up at a gig. This particular weekend, Alec was doing stand-up at QComedy Fest in Philly. The day of his show we had lunch with the producer, Bruce Yelk, and I brought-up my friend Eddie Rabon (who won the competition last year). Bruce said that I should be a contestant, which I laughed-off. First thing I did was text Eddie. “What do you think?” Eddie, “Do it…”

What makes me Mr. Gay USA is that I am dedicated, intelligent and loving. To be able to talk to the LGBT community in this great Nation, is a complete dream of mine! I’ve been doing volunteer work since I was in middle school, but most of it is specific to New York City. Reaching young people, on a large scale that, would be an incredible opportunity.

A unique quality of New Hope, PA that I bring to the Mr. Gay USA competition, is simply being gay. I grew-up thirty minutes outside of New Hope, but from age eight to eighteen I was employed as an actor, at the Bucks County Playhouse. Being exposed to the gay culture of New Hope, I grew-up being extremely tolerant. Tolerance that was not learned in my household. Nor was it something I often observed in high school. But from working in New Hope, I learned to be the gay I am today. As my mother always says, “there are many types of people in this world,” and I love each and every one of them.

Dan Royles – San Deigo, CA

The organizers actually tapped me because they needed somebody to fill out the roster of the U.S. contingent.

This competition is a fundraiser for the Noble Beast Foundation, which stands for gay pride and visibility without assimilation, and that really speaks to me.  Queer life encompasses a lot of very different people, and I think that’s a really vital aspect of our communities–there’s no one way to be lesbian, gay, bi, trans, or anything in between, and I think it’s important for us to recognize that, although the images of ourselves we see reflected back in the mainstream and popular may tell us otherwise.  I think we have a long way to go in our communities in terms of accepting and making space for different kinds of people–we’re already a marginalized population, so it’s tragic for use to further marginalize one another based on race, class, gender expression, or anything else.

I actually live in Philadelphia, but I’m a San Diegan to the core in a lot of ways.  I wear flip flops and shorts long before and long after it’s seasonally appropriate, I tend to speak slowly, and I try to conserve water, although that may be more of a California thing than a San Diego thing.  I’m not a Republican, though, and I don’t surf, which make me kind of atypical among San Diegans.

Steve Eccleston – Pittsburgh, PA

I became involved in this competition basically by networking with people . A few friends introduced me to the Pittsburgh Mr. Gay competition ,and I couldnt wait to compete .

What makes me Mr. Gay US is that I realize that each one of us are unique, we as a whole are different . But there is nothing wrong with being different . Being different is what creates new ideas.

I feel I will bring diversity to this competion. I don’t live far from Pittsburgh, and I also attend West Virginia University. WVU brings in around 35-40 thousand students every year from all over the world. This exposes me to so many different types of people and their cultures. I feel this is a great experience not just for me, but also for those people I meet. I’m able to show them that yes I am gay . That I’m different, but there is nothing wrong with being different. It’s our unique qualities that make us human .

Thomas Cole – Virginia Beach, VA

I visited Philadelphia in late September and met some of the officials that are in charge of the competition. Since Virginia Beach did not hold a formal competition this year, and, being from the area, I was told that I should represent this year. Obviously I agreed. I am very excited for next weekend

I am an outgoing, well-rounded gay guy that has a very diverse group of friends. I don’t really represent the stereotypical "gay". I am in a fraternity at Christopher Newport University. I was terrified to come out to them August 2011, but when I did, they didn’t judge me. They accepted me. Two unnecessary years of being afraid and "straight", I am finally able to be myself. I don’t have a secret to hide anymore. So I wish to share with the world that it gets better and that there is nothing wrong with being gay. We were born this way. Also, my partner is a member of the United States Army. We plan on getting married one day and, when we do, we want equal marriage benefits. Times are changing. Repeal the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA)!

The beach is my favorite place to be. When anxious, uneasy, and bad thoughts come, I go to the beach. The sea drowns them out with its great wide sounds, cleanses me with its noise, and imposes a rhythm upon everything in me that is bewildered and/or confused. The beach is my place of zen. I feel most comfortable there. The sun rays, the water, the cool breeze, drink in hand (I like my Captain and coke), and running around with half-naked tan guys…there’s no place I’d rather be!


Braden Bradley – New York, NY

I got involved with Mr. Gay USA for being Mr. Gay New York. I knew the producers of that event through "the scene" here in New York, and I entered the competition thinking it might be fun. Turns out, I ended up winning the thing.

Growing up in a broken home and being raised by a single mother, coming from an extremely small town in “Bible-belt” Texas and being made fun of everyday at school, and having no acceptance from any family member thus being forced to see countless Christian psychiatrists for being gay, has only made me stronger. Sure, it was very difficult crying a lot, but there was a time in my life that I decided there is no point in having a pity-party for myself. I pulled it together, learned from the hardships, and decided to live my life for me. It is my life, after all. Furthermore, that’s exactly what the Noble Beast Foundation is looking for in Mr. Gay USA–someone to personally represent the overcoming of homophobia here in America.

New York City is known for its energy, toughness, and endless opportunity, and that’s exactly what I’m bringing to this competition. Living in New York City can be hard sometimes. One thing that I do to make it easier is to attempt to do one thing a day that brings me one step closer to achieving my goals and dreams. If I can do one small step a day to achieve my dreams, then that means I will do 365 small steps a year. With those kind of statistics there’s no reason why I won’t have everything I want and deserve out of life.

Other contestants we weren’t able to reach in time for the article

Patrick Frost – Chandler, AZ
Fernando Lara – Dallas, TX

Stephen Maharg – Denver, CO

Noel Hoskins – Wilmington, DE

Scott Muegge – San Antonio, TX
David Foltz – Arlington, VA

Bryan Dorsey – Lancaster, PA



Friday, November 18, 2011
Meet & Greet – Featuring a Preliminary Question and Answer Round – All Contestants
Tickets will only be sold at the door for this event.
Woody’s – 13th & Walnu – Philadelphia

Saturday, November 19, 2011
The show will be hosted by Ms. Brittany Lynn and feature celebrity judges TJ Kelly from The A-List New York, Miss Pennsylvania 2010 Coutney Thomas, Miss New York 2010 Clair Buffe, Jade Starling the Lead Singer from Pretty Poison, Scott Nevins from TruTV’s "The Smoking Gun Presents", Robear from NY Ink on TLC