PHL Pride Collective Announces Philly Pride 2022

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

Philadelphia, PA: A local group of volunteers reimagining pride, PHL Pride Collective, has announced Philly Pride 2022 will be the first weekend of June.In the wake of the mismanagement and abrupt dissolution of Philly Pride Presents, a group of LGBTQ+ community members dedicated to a reimagined inclusive Pride formed PHL Pride Collective as a community program of GALAEI. Affirming the power of LGBTQ+ community organizing centered on Queer, Trans, Black & Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color  leadership, PHL Pride Collective aims to serve as a more open, accessible, and equitable planner of Pride events for all of Philadelphia. Continuing the tradition of unique Philadelphia Pride festivities dating back decades, PHL Pride Collective is working to reimagine Philly Pride to be more community oriented, more revolutionary, and more in the spirit of LGBTQ+ Pride than ever before.PHL Pride Collective will organize a march for Philly Pride 2022 to return to its roots, to pay homage to Stonewall, and to honor the 50th anniversary of the first Philly Pride March, where community activists like Barbara Gittings and Jerry Curtis united our communities through a shared purpose. Announcements of featured performances, speakers, and vendors reflecting the demographics of Philadelphia and the long history of LGBTQ+ Pride movements will follow. PHL Pride Collective will host the Philly Pride Parade as part of National Coming Out Day celebrations in October.Be a part of history by supporting the Reimagine Philly Pride Initiative and the return of Pride events by donating to the GoFundMe campaign at All donations to this GoFundMe will help fund Philly Pride 2022.For more information, volunteer opportunities, and the mailing list, please visit or email

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