PHL Pride Collective to host volunteer recruitment event

Executive Director of PhillyGayCalendar

PHL Pride Collective is hosting a virtual event at 6:00 pm on Thursday, March 10, 2022, for Philadelphia LGBTQ+ community members interested in volunteering on a committee.

PHL Pride Collective is the new organization formed in August of 2021 after the disbanding of the prior Pride organization. The group is volunteer-run and looking to welcome new members to help build a Philly Pride that celebrates the LGBTQ+ community while centering Black and Brown queer and trans people. Interested volunteers can serve on one of several committees, including:

    • Accessibility
    • Finance & Fundraising
    • Logistics & Entertainment
    • Marketing Communications
    • Safety & Medical
    • Volunteer Outreach
    • Youth

Community members interested in joining a committee can find more information about the event on PHL Pride Collective’s Facebook Page or Instagram Profile and can register for the Zoom Meeting. The group plans to host new volunteer and member orientations on a regular basis moving forward.

PHL Pride Collective is a grassroots initiative that aims to serve as a more open, accessible, and equitable planner of Pride events for all of Philadelphia, including those who have been marginalized in the past. The group affirms the necessity of Queer, Trans, Black & Brown, Indigenous, and People of Color leadership. Continuing the tradition of unique Philadelphia Pride festivities dating back decades, PHL Pride Collective is working to reimagine Philly Pride to be more community oriented, more revolutionary, and more in the spirit of LGBTQ+ Pride than ever before. PHL Pride Collective is currently formed as a community program of galaei.

For more information about PHL Pride Collective or to subscribe to their email list, please visit

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