Meet the Contestants for Mr Gay Philly 2011

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Was it just Miss Information, or was this winter longer then usual. I still think it’s going to snow again, hand to god! And that stupid groundhog, screw you and your little shadow. Well there is definitely one thing the sparks the begging of spring and that is the annual Mr Gay Philly contest held at Voyeur every year. This year the event will be April 16, so mark your little calendars boys!

This year, as always the show will be hosted by the fabulous Frank DeCaro and of course our fabulous local diva Ms Brittney Lynn. They have been hosting this event for the past 78 years. Can you believe it? And neither host looks a day over 50! Well maybe Brittney after a rough night, but we still love her.

Many of the judges are back this year as well. In fact, our two favorite ladies that love to judge are Michael Musto from the Village Voice and Mickey Boardman from Paper Magazine will return! Plus they made a fabulous video (view here) to tell you what to expect from them. Of course after 5 years of them, Miss Information never knows what to expect! I have been backstage with them and let me just tell you…I think one of them is the father of my baby…but I’ll never tell!

Now don’t be fooled, it’s not just a hot body contest. There is evening wear and even Q&A. It’s time we probe these boys…well their minds anyway!

The fabulous and divaliscious Miss Brittney Lynn will host yet again, as one of Philly’s favorite drag performers. As a long time expert in what it takes to be Mr Gay Philly, I say down with her….queen to queen…to find out!

"Mr. Gay Philadelphia is not just about good looks, a large package, or sleeping with the hosts and all of the judges. Mr. Gay Philadelphia should have all of the attributes that made Philadelphia the greatest city in our nation’s history…

During our Q & A, he should be honest as our first President, George Washington; during presentation, he should have the flair and ingenuity of Ben Franklin; and during our swimsuit competition, he should have the body as one if the founding father’s slaves…

I’ve also noticed over the years that all of the winning contestants have the same tattoo on their left ass cheek-“Michael Musto was here”!

To find out what all this Mr Gay stuff is, Miss Information sat down with last years’s winner, Ryan. He’s a sexy boy with model features, but such a sweet boy. I asked him about his experience:"The experience of winning Mr. Gay Philadelphia was both exciting and rewarding. It’s allowed me to become more involved in our community as well as participate in some fun events. The recognition of my title was amazing and not just in Philly. I’ve met some quality people along the way and want to thank my friends and family for their support. I hope I’ve made my city proud as well as been a positive role model to others.

My advice to this year’s contestants is to be yourself, relax and have fun. Showcase who you are and what you can offer as the title holder. You’ve already been nominated so be proud of what you’ve already accomplished. Best of luck guys!"

That’s something to think about, and something I hope the boys this year will keep in mind when they compete for the title on April 16 . Over the years the advice tends to ‘Just be yourself’ and I think that rings true of many of these boys. They aren’t only cute, but also sweet, funny – maybe volunteering and giving back to the community. Of course we had to find out more about these boys too, so I curled up with each and every one of those sexy boys…I did it for you, the reader! I’m dedicated!! Why do THEY think they would make a good Mr Gay Philadelphia??

Stephen Reustle
Mr PhillyGayCalendar

I feel as though what makes me Mr. Gay Philly is my sheer devotion to the city, supporting and marketing what it has to offer and my desire to strengthen the community.

My favorite part is that Philadelphia is home! It has a small town-feel in an urban environment and lots to experience socially and culturally

Frankie Aloysius
Mr Venture Inn

My favorite part of Philadelphia is the dining scene. We have so much to offer; some of the most talented and world-renowned chefs are cooking right in our back yard. Georges Perrier, Marc Vetri, Jose Garces, Daniel Stern, and Pierre Calmels…just to name a few. Philadelphia has some of the best restaurants and chefs in this country, literally.

Charlie Gannon

What makes me Mr. Gay Philly is my quirkiness. I may (or may not) be physically attractive, but it’s always been my personality that’s gotten me ahead. People tend to love me, more so than loving to look at me. And I’m left handed, as all the greats are. And i died at birth; Every day and every opportunity is a miracle.

I’d suppose my favorite part of Philly is all of center city, minus Market. I’ve worked and been all around, but no matter where i go, the people are always interesting. I live for human connection, and it’s plentiful in this little big city.

Jeremy Jynx Nguyen
Mr Voyeur

What makes me Mr. Gay Philly? I stand up for the underdogs. To promote individuality. I promote to everyone that we are all different and everyone is unique and to stand up for themselves. “We were born this way, baby”…Being Mr. Gay Philly will only help me further the growth of individuality to everybody. Where as this city, and world, is still scared to break free from what we call ‘normal’ and to promote equality.

My favorite part of Philly is definitely the gayborhood. It’s one main areas that I feel safe enough to be in my own skin without having to feel threatened. There’s dance clubs, a gym, coffee shops and resources for everyone to go to. Everywhere else in the city has its own organization for different clubs but the gayborhood is the main place that someone of gay, lesbian bi or transgendered orientation can be themselves and feel safe and have fun. Daniel Watson
Mr Stir

When I was younger I wished for many things, but two them was to be openly gay and to live in Philadelphia. Knowing it would be difficult, I was ready to give everything up for the two, and I did. Alone at first, Philadelphia allowed me to be who I am, and the resources to not feel alone. I’m completely happy.

My favorite part of Philly is the Schuylkill walkway. Gunnar Montana
Mr Q Lounge

Hell, aren’t we all Mr. Gay Philadelphia? I like to think the simple fact that I enjoy having sex with other men is enough to qualify me.

My favorite part of Philadelphia is the dog parks. You can experience playful dates, dominant tops, submissive bottoms, a side of mud wrestling, and the occasional hump without the mess, the drama, and the strange man by your side in the morning.

Adam Hofe 
Mr Tabu

Being Mr. Gay Philly is more than just being undeniably, unabashedly, incomprehensibly gay. I mean sure, I guess I fit that description, and I live in Philly, so I’m two for two, but to be representing Philly as THE Mr. Gay is so much more than that. A good candidate is socially aware and heavily involved in our community. That doesn’t mean scanning the PGN at Cafe 12 before a workout at the 12th street gym, though that’s a start I guess, and again, all me. But I’m also a board member of Philly Pride Presents, the captain of a mostly-gay, booty short-wearin’ championship dodgeball team, a volunteer with the Philly AIDS Thrift, and in the past I have been a member of the Philadelphia Fins and a volunteer with the Safeguards Project. But I don’t confine myself to all things gay; I’m also a volunteer with the City Year Young Heroes, I’ve been a fund raiser on behalf of the ACLU and Planned Parenthood, I’m involved with improv comedy groups and I write scripts for short, funny films (well, I think they’re funny). I love this town and all the opportunities I’ve been given to check a bunch of crap off my bucket list, and more importantly, I’m glad I was able to have a positive impact on our community.

My favorite part of Philly is most definitely the variety of stuff you can get into on a daily basis. Where I come from, it was either go to the movies or hang out at Wal-Mart, so Philly was a welcome change. If we’re getting into specifics, I guess the absolute best thing about Philly is the live comedy scene. I’ve seen some great performances and met some hilarious people, and improv comedy has forced me to conquer my fear of being in front of an audience. Why, without improv, there is just no damn way I’d be doing this Mr. Gay thing. No way. Jeff Antsen

The Mr. Gay Philly contest is about more than guys competing over who best embodies the Philadelphia gay community. It’s also about choosing a gay guy who represents our city, as a whole. So, on what bases should the winner be chosen? I think the only way to answer that is to look at this city as a whole, and see what properties should be reflected in a representative.

Philadelphia is beautiful; for its architecture, its design, its parks, and its national monuments. It loves the arts, as you can see from walking down Broad or along South street. Rittenhouse Square, snow covered in the dead of winter, is breathtaking. It’s an intellectual city, holding some prestigious universities and elite hospitals. It’s a relatively small city, which gives it a warmth and connectedness you don’t see other places. Our tradition of Sunday brunches is a great way of bringing people together.

Like Philly, I’m attractive, intellectual, and friendly. I love the gym, and love rocking the results bartending at ICandy. I’m currently in grad school for Bioethics at the University of Pennsylvania, and plan on continuing my education in the future. I’m also a warm, friendly guy – both behind the bar and just hanging out. I love meeting new people and making new connections in the community.

I think that the best part of Philadelphia is its intimacy. I love that you can go to Rittenhouse on a sunny day or stop by one of the bars and know that you’ll run into friends to sit and hang with. The gay community here is full of fun, diverse folks. With ICandy as the newest addition to the scene it can only get better. Experience the difference guys… and enjoy that roof deck this summer! It’s gonna be awesome.

Lawrence Frey
Mr Woody’s

My favorite part of Philadelphia? That’s easy! Independence Hall. Aside from being the most historic building in the Country, it’s the birthplace of the most important set of ideas ever conceived in human history.

As for what makes me Mr. Gay Philly? because I’m just a regular down to earth Man who loves his cheese-steaks!

Christian Williams
Mr Venture Inn

I would say that being gay in Philly would be qualification enough to become the next Mr. Gay Philly, but that would be too easy. I would, if given the opportunity to do so, gladly represent the Philadelphia gay community–not just for the aforementioned reasons, but because I believe in what we have here. I’ve lived in Philadelphia my entire life, for better or for worse. I was born in Roxborough, went to school in East Falls, lived in West Philly; I guess you could say I get around. In my twenty-three years, I’ve traveled quite a bit, and few places have the same flavor that we have. It’s the only place I’ve been where you can run past a bum on the Parkway, up the steps of a world-class art museum, jump like an idiot, and everyone gets it.. Granted, no one from Philly ever actually does that–usually just tourists clicking with their cameras–but you can’t do that in Boston or New York. It’s the only place where pigging out (my friends know how I can down three Pat’s cheesesteaks and cheese fries in about five minutes) is not only tolerated, but it’s encouraged. More recently, I’ve realized that in no other place have I felt the sense of community that exists in our Gayborhood. Many of you probably know me from a bar or two down there, but I’m not going to namedrop. I’ve heard people say to me time and time again that it’s too small, that everyone knows someone who knows you, and that there’s never anyone new to sleep with. There may be some kernels of truth to this, but I always thought of the few city blocks between Walnut and Spruce as a small island of sanity in my otherwise overwhelming hometown.

My favorite part of Philly is the attitude that we have. Philly is one of those places where its people know and appreciate where they come from, and a lot of people who come to visit or move here see and respect that. It’s a mentality that you can’t really explain–even for me, and I’ve lived here my entire life, even through college. Friends and acquaintances from out of town often comment that it’s a tough city in which to get by, and I suppose it can be. I think part of growing up here is realizing that if you’ve made it this far in this city, you’re allowed to brag, but only every once in a while. Matt Kalinowsky
Mr 12th Street Gym

I work to better myself and the world around me, while staying true to who I am. I’m proud of who I am. I feel I represent the gay community in a positive light that helps others embrace and accept the queer community and lifestyle as a whole.

I think my favorite part about Philadelphia is the sole fact we have a large gay community which is also fully supported by the local government. I think it’s amazing that our city has not only a gay center but neighborhoods throughout the Delaware valley that have strong gay or gay-friendly presences. I also can’t deny I love the abundance of bakeries, cupcake stores and dessert restaurants. Philly food is pretty delicious. Dash Sears
Mr Travel Matters

Please, I was Mr. Gay Philly before I came here. I’m not ashamed of being gay and like to have fun, but coming from where I’m from, you have to search high and low to find anything open enough to allow anything remotely homosexual into the atmosphere, so guess who had to introduce it? I’m a political science major and have a very profound admiration for Philadelphia and it’s brazen progressiveness in everything from Revolutions, to the founding of a new country, and even it’s relevance in the civil, women’s and more currently and aptly the LGBTQ rights movement. There is a reason Philadelphia is has earned the title "Most Gay Friendly Metropolitan City" in America; we’re friendly, we speak our minds, and we accept everyone with open arms and open hearts. Music and art is in our souls, and it all comes to life and thrives in the Gayborhood. We are dedicated, steadfast, and lastly we’re not afraid to get a little dirty.

My favorite part of Philly….um, does it have to be just one? The entire city has it’s great little niches fit for every type of person for every type of experience. Personally, I like the places I don’t go very often so it’s a unique experience every time. I love people watching and getting my tan on while reading or doing some school work, so I absolutely adore Washington Square Park. It’s perfect for the Poly Sci geek in me, right next to Independence Hall, Independence Mall, the Liberty Bell, and the Constitution Center. It’s also the perfect distance between the shops and clubs of the Gayborhood and the bars, clubs, and sights of Penn’s Landing and Society Hill. I know Washington Square Park is a place I will return to again and again on sunny days with summer breezes.

Jose Mendoza
Mr Tavern on Camac

What makes me Mr Gay Philly is because I am always myself and I’m proud of being who I am.

I represent a town of different cultures, with different ethnicities and different backgrounds. I represent Philly because it is a great town where you can be who you really want to be without hiding ur true colors and sexuality.

My favorite place in Philly is the gayborhood because we have a diversity of restaurants, afternoons coffee shops and great night life where we have different event going on everyday!

Nicholas Rocco DeFinis
Mr Broad Street Fitness  

This year I represent BROAD STREET FITNESS in the Mr. Gay Philadelphia competition. I was Mr. Gay Congeniality 2009, and Mr. Stir Lounge 2009 and 2010. You may have also seen me in “ICE CREAM TRUCK PHILLY STYLE”, or at the Prince Music theater in “COMING: a rock musical of biblical proportions”. Next month you can watch me dance in my first LGBTQ film “GOGO CRAZY” (it was shot in Philadelphia gayborhood). I bring talent, charisma, good looks, community organizing, and activism to the Mr. Gay Competition. On April 2nd 2011, I organized a fund raiser “GAY IT FORWARD PHILADELPHIA”, That raised over $2,200 for the William Way Community Center. I am someone that loves his community and gets things accomplished, and not only in the gym. My favorite part of Philadelphia is the connections/bonds I have made in the past couple of years. I can honestly say that Philadelphia has my heart, and so does it’s people.

And of course let’s not forget about the title holders of the past:

Mr Gay Philadelphia 2007
Andrew Petruzelli
Mr Gay Philadelphia 2008
John Caputo
Mr Gay Philadelphia 2009
Charlie Biggs
Mr Gay Philadelphia 2010
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